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DFG the parent company of UAE Virtual asset exchange supports CeFi, DeFi and NFTs.

In a recent interview with James Wo, Founder and CEO of Digital Finance Group Blockchain investment entity, also the parent company of UAE regulated virtual assets exchange, Wo shares his views on DFG’s support of CeFi, DeFi and NFTs and their impact for the future of digital economies.

The interview published in CrowdFund Insider, talks about how DFG which has over 1 billion SD in assets under management, is entering the CeFi, DeFi, NFT and Web3 space. As Wo explains, “Mostly, we innovate by supporting projects that are set to produce profound changes in these sectors around the world. We’ve seen companies around the world migrating their systems and methods to more efficient solutions that have been brought forward by blockchain, CeFi, DeFi, NFTs and Web3.0.”

He discusses UAE based Matrix virtual assets exchange which has recently launched. He states, “Our platform is being developed in one of the safest and most forward thinking regulatory jurisdictions in the world, the UAE.”

DFG is also focusing on Blockchain protocols such as Polkadot. He comments, ” The Polkadot Ecosystem fund is quite simple to understand. We have immense expectations of what Polkadot as a layer0 protocol is set to achieve and believe that having a dedicated fund that will assist projects within this ecosystem to develop their innovative ideas, and empower the teams behind them to continue working without having to worry about externalities is a key factor in which we can have great influence.”

In addition DFG is also focusing on other companies such as Amber Group, Circle, LedgerX, Brave Browser, Ripio, Bitso, Bloq, Big Time and more. As he explains, “The idea behind our three funds is backing the most promising companies and teams that will, in the long run, become top contenders to lead their sectors.”

Furthermore, Wo explains, “ Our partnership with ETC Labs has been very special to us, DFG has been at the head of supporting the best of kind startups in sectors from FinTech to gaming, edge computing to supply chain and govtech, that decided to work within the parameters of Ethereum before the unfortunate DAO hack in 2016.”

In terms of their investment in Asia, North America and MENA, Wo discusses their top investments. He mentions Bitso, Ripio which are two of Latin America’s biggest CeFi exchanges. In North America he mentions Circle, Brave, Bloq and LedgerX, while in Asia Pacific there have been investments made in UnoCoin, AmberGroup, Acala Network, Subquery, chia and many more.

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