About Unlock Blockchain:

Unlock Blockchain means a platform offered by The UNLOCK Company DMCC also referred to in this document as the Company. The platform is branded as Unlock Blockchain by the Company, and is made, owned, operated, controlled and made available to the readers and people interested in the Blockchain technology and related developments by the Company.

Unlock Blockchain provides information, intelligence, insights and news pertaining to the Blockchain sector. We are one of the cornerstones in the evolution of the Blockchain ecosystem in the MENA region and globally. We encourage Blockchain’s disruptive innovation through our support of startups, investors, developers, and clients.

We strongly believe that the future of Smart Cities, Smart Economies and eventually Smart Societies will rest on the correct implementation of cutting-edge technology. Blockchain is one of the tools that will allow the MENA region and the globe to build a better future for its citizens.

Intellectual Property:

The intellectual property rights in the names, logos, and icons, all of services, including rights associated with the name, logo, trademark, trade dress of ‘Unlock’, or any other tradename that we introduce from time to time and/or is reflected as such on our website, social media channels or apps is either unregistered or registered trademark of the Company, or its affiliates, in the United Arab Emirates and/or other jurisdictions. Unless otherwise indicated, the www.unlock-bc.com website is our proprietary property and all source code, databases, functionality, software, website design, audio, video, text, photographs, and graphics on our channels and the trademarks, service marks, and logos contained therein are owned and controlled by us or licensed, sub-licensed or assigned to us, and are protected by trademark and intellectual property law and unfair competition and practices legislations in appropriate jurisdictions. Our rights to such intellectual property may be governed by agreements executed between us and other third parties, including our contributors, or as the case may be.

Unlock offering:

  • A media platform for the dissemination of information, news, insights, reports on the state of Blockchain in the MENA region and globally
  • UNLOCK Blockchain Forum, which is an anchor event in Dubai for Blockchain enthusiasts to network, exchange knowledge, and showcase developments
  • Public Relations and Communications services for Blockchain companies interested or currently present in the region
  • Professional content creation services in both Arabic and English on Blockchain, Digital assets, Tokenization, NFT, DeFi and Crypto trading.
  • Community Building to help connect developers, users, investors and advisors through various social media networks
  • Blockchain Proliferation by encouraging businesses, governments and individuals to adopt Blockchain technology in an effective, efficient, and optimal manner

Additional Information About Unlock Blockchain

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