Lebanese Fashion Designer launches NFT collection on Cardano Blockchain

Rami Kadi Lebanese fashion designer launches NFT collection, called ” Lucid Algorithms” . Lucid Algorithms will include 120 NFTs to be sold out of the UAE.

As per the National newspaper , a launch event will run alongside the start of the sale at the Theatre of Digital Art in Madinat Jumeirah.

“NFTs will change history, they are not just for art and fashion, everything is logged into the ‘cloud’. It is like a closed contract, with owners having access to the physical and the virtual. It can never be reproduced – I am the creator and you are the owner,” the designer explains.

“When you buy a Rami Kadi NFT, first, you can come to our studio to customize your own couture piece, inspired by these NFTs. Second you can dress your avatar, in 2D or 3D, and third, you will be invited to all our future events in the physical world and in the meta verse.”

It is not everyday that a fashion designer launches an NFT Collection and especially one that has been minted on Cardano. Cardano uses Ouroboros, the first peer-reviewed, verifiably secure blockchain protocol. “I’m very happy to be the first couturier designer that is launching an NFT in the Arab world and I am the first designer launching their NFT on Cardano,” says Kadi.

It is not usually the norm to launch NFTs on Cardano, as the biggest Blockchain for minting and transaction NFTs is usually Ethereum. Kadi explains, ” I chose Cardano first because the fees on Ethereum are quite high, second, Cardano is eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment and, third, because I see a lot of potential for growth on Cardano.”

While Kadi hopes that the NFTs will resonate with his existing client base, they are open to all. “We would love to see more of a female presence in the crypto world, but for this NFT collection, we are targeting everybody,” he says.

For his latest haute couture offering, Kadi “co-designed” the collection with his computer. He programmed in the shapes, colours, patterns and textures he likes, creating an algorithm by which the computer designed multicoloured swag-beaded mini dresses, intricately beaded jackets over metallic mesh skirts and lots of feathery tulle gowns.

Kadi’s haute couture spring/summer 2022 collection was “co-designed” with his computer. Photo Rami Kadi
Kadi’s haute couture spring/summer 2022 collection was “co-designed” with his computer. Photo Rami Kadi

Looking forward, Kadi is exploring the idea of opening a shop in the metaverse or hosting meta fashion shows. He is excited by the infinite creative possibilities offered by the metaverse. As he states, “We can be as creative as we want,”

“This is my first NFT collection and it will definitely not be my last …

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