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AIBC Summit in Dubai discusses the energy cosumption of Blockhain

During the AIBC Summit held in Dubai, UAE Blockchain entity ThreeFold co-founder Kristof de Spiegeleer spoke sent out a strong message to the blockchain community around sustainability.  He claimed that Blockchains simply use too much energy, and ThreeFold had the solution. “Our technology was designed to tackle the root issues of the current Internet,” says de Spiegeleer. “Today, people are being turned into products, this was well illustrated in the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma.’ Beyond that, the Internet’s infrastructure is extremely power-hungry, and most blockchains are living on top of that infrastructure. Blockchains represent the movement for decentralization, and they should do better than this. At ThreeFold, we offer an alternative path. Will you take it?”
Most blockchains still use centralized cloud providers like AWS to host their nodes and web3 workloads. On the ThreeFold Grid, blockchain communities benefit from a truly decentralized infrastructure, improving their technology’s resilience and making it censorship-resistant. With partners including CasperLabs, DigiByte, and Polygon, ThreeFold now steps into the bold position of empowering blockchains to become not only more sustainable, but actually planet positive.
ThreeFold recently released information on how their infrastructure saves up-to 90% on energy consumption compared to existing models. And now, to regenerate our planet, they commit to farming 3x the amount of carbon credits as the grid consumes. “ThreeFold is the engine for a planet positive and data sovereign Internet,” says de Spiegeleer. “We’re not a company, but more like a group of humans trying to help other humans, bringing advanced technology led by a strong mission.”

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