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Hashcash blockchain consultants provides crypto bot to UAE exchange

HashCash Consultants has announced that it will be providing its advanced crypto trading bot software to a major exchange in UAE. They will aid later in fortifying their existing infrastructure of the trading platform to enhance the trading experience of the exchange users. “HashCash has designed a wide range of advanced tools and software to streamline trading operation for users as well as make management easy for the companies running the exchange. Traders are more drawn to exchanges that offer features that make for seamless trading experience. We enable global exchanges to leverage our innovative offerings into optimizing their trading platforms,” commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants while speaking of the company’s wide array of advanced exchange tools and software.

HashCash’s advanced trading bot software enables seamless trading for users through the implementation of crypto signal providers that support their trade activity and decision-making process. Leveraging a series of scalable features the software enables the traders to get the best out of positive market arbitrage and trading points through back-testing.

The crypto exchange algo trading software will not only enable the exchange users in instant automated trading but will also help in the maintenance and organization of their coin portfolio. Some of the principal features of the crypto trading bot are, smart strategy design helping in bot trading strategy with a few clicks, guaranteed pre-trade testing via demonstration of response to trade profit/loss and allows instant trade strategies after evaluation of back-test results


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