FANTASY VR Blockchain Platform To Feature Content from BaDoinkVR

FANTASY VR Blockchain Platform To Feature Content from BaDoinkVR

FANTASY, the premium adult virtual reality platform where payments are triggered by eye 'gaze,' announced a content partnership with BaDoinkVR, the world's leading provider of adult virtual reality entertainment. The FANTASY VR platform features a virtual Red Light District where every street has a different adventure and behind every window lies a unique adult-themed fantasy. BaDoinkVR will utilize FANTASY to generate a new blockchain based revenue stream, provided by the VR platform's proprietary cryptocurrency Gaze Coin.

"The integration of BaDoinkVR's award-winning VR content with our Ethereum based virtual world building platform where payments are triggered by eye tracking will form the long-awaited killer app for VR," said Gaze Coin Founder Jonny Peters. "This is the first step of many that we will continue to develop over the next few months to showcase our virtual Red Light District that will make FANTASY a top adult VR destination."

FANTASY is powered by Gaze Coin - a payment system that allows content providers to generate revenue based on real-time engagement. Utilizing eye tracking technology, payments are made instantaneously based on how long a user interacts with the content. As a result, content providers and virtual property owners can generate multiple revenue streams for every minute and every user who engages with their content. From the users' perspective, consumers can avoid paying a relatively more expensive monthly subscription fee, and only pay for the content that they consume.

"There has been a recent shift in Adult to integrate cryptocurrency payment systems for a number of industry-specific reasons," said Xavi Clos, Head of Production, BaDoinkVR. "Working with FANTASY, we are excited to help create a virtual world where consumers can seamlessly engage with our content without ever having to use a credit card or download a file."


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