MetaEssence Reveals ConSovAI, Pioneering the eTourism Sovereign Metaverse Experience

MetaEssence has introduced ConSovAI, an eTourism Sovereign Metaverse platform, making a shift in how individuals engage with the virtual realm.

With ConSovAI, the concept of travel and adventure transcends physical limitations, enabling individuals from around the globe to embark on forward-thinking virtual journeys, all from the convenience of their own devices.

It all commences with the creation of a distinct avatar, accompanied by a virtual personal assistant proficient in your chosen language, guaranteeing a personalized and immersive experience right from the outset.

ConSovAI, Your Gateway to Adventures

ConSovAI is the place where government agencies and enterprises maintain cryptographic control in a decentralized economy with a fully immersive experience for global users.

They simply customize their virtual journey to align with their interests, government services, investment opportunities, education, or recreational and cultural pursuits. With just a click, users can explore their dream destinations and indulge in tailored adventures powered by the latest advancements in Web3 and AI technologies.

Rewarding Adventures with ConSovAI

Users all over the world can securely connect their digital wallets on ConSovAI and buy and list their virtual assets securely on the platform marketplace, tokenize their unique avatars, and get rewarded at every step of their virtual journey with various virtual assets, utility-based NFTs, and join an exciting incentivized loyalty program.

SocialFi: Forge Unforgettable Memories Together

Through ConSovAI’s SocialFi platform, users engage and connect with fellow explorers, sharing experiences, connecting with old friends, making new ones, and creating unforgettable memories together. This dynamic self-sovereign social network within ConSovAI promotes collaboration and enriches the overall user experience, making ConSovAI a true community-driven platform.

“Welcome to an extraordinary world of endless possibilities,” says Fatma Elsafty, Founder and CEO of MetaEssence. “With ConSovAI, we aim to revolutionize eTourism, unifying cutting-edge innovation with the insatiable desire to explore. Whether it’s for business, medical, or leisure, ConSovAI is the gateway to boundless adventures, We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and insist on what it needs to maintain the quality and we are thrilled to contribute to the government’s metaverse strategy and D33 economic ambitions to position the emirate at the forefront of global tourism destinations”.

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