NYNJA Group CEO Meeting with Investors, Press and Clients

NYNJA, a blockchain development and software company is set to meet in New York City on Dec 5th with investor, press and client meetings with CEO JR Guerrieri. The meetings will take place at NeuHouse 110 E 25th Street, New York from 9-4pm. 

“With the launch of the NYNJA platform we have often been asked by investors in NYC to meet and share our vision for NYNJA,” said NYNJA’s CEO, JR Guerrieri. Adding, “NYNJA has recently had strong interest from press and clients as what alternatives exist to the Slack Platform. NYNJA provides serious competition to Slack with additional features (including real time translations and transcriptions) that make NYNJA the platform of choice for international business.

NYNJA is currently available for download for iOS, Android, PC and Mac in the Apple, Google Play and Samsung Galaxy AppStore. The company has an aggressive roadmap to launch a crypto wallet for peer-to-peer payments and crypto storage as well as NYNJA’s decentralized labor marketplace in the next two quarters.

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