unchain.io now available on AWS Marketplace

Today, technology start-up unchain.io in collaboration with Schuberg Philis, announced that unchain.io´s blockchain Adapter is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Today, technology start-up unchain.io in collaboration with Schuberg Philis, announced that unchain.io´s blockchain Adapter is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

unchain.io’s blockchain Adapter is one of the first connection services to allow for a secure and easy-to-configure connection from any application or Internet of Things (IoT) device to an Ethereum blockhain network. It is just one of multiple Adapters within unchain.io’s enterprise offering, called “The Blockchain Gateway.” unchain.io’s Blockchain Gateway will also be available on AWS Marketplace in early 2019.

The Blockchain Gateway is an enterprise-grade blockchain integration platform, allowing organizations to securely connect to their blockchain technology of choice, at scale.

Since the launch of unchain.io in March of this year, the value of unchain.io´s Blockchain Gateway has been sucessfully proven in a number of early engagements. Today’s announcement is the next proof point for unchain.io’s technology and its value in combination with enterprise cloud services.

This collaboration with Schuberg Philis marks unchain.io’s active engagement in building an ecosystem of trusted technology partners. unchain.io is planning to grow an international network to collaborate and leverage its technology in blockchain initiatives.

Thatcher Peskens, Director of Cloud at unchain.io said, “Most of today’s initiatives to explore blockchain are done with a relatively limited scope from the start. With unchain.io’s blockchain Adapter, we now provide a specific piece of the Blockchain Gateway, easily enabling a basic connection to Ethereum with virtually any application, while at the same time, leveraging the broad reach of AWS Marketplace and the use of AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS).”

unchain.io´s blockchain technologies address the need for blockchain services that easily integrate with existing systems. unchain.io is run by industry experts, leveraging the expertise of recognized partners like Schuberg Philis.

With the availability of unchain.io´s blockchain Adapter on AWS Marketplace, as CloudFormation Template, customers can deploy the Adapter directly into their existing AWS environment, receiving pay-as-you-go pricing. A 14 days Free Trial is available for all new and interested customers through the AWS Marketplace.   

Roeland Kuipers CTO at Schuberg Philis said, “We support our customers in their digital transformation journey to make a cloud-native environment a reality. We go beyond our ‘100%’ reputation as we see that their existing systems need to work to run today’s business. With that in mind, we already spotted unchain.io early on, when we saw their enterprise-focused technology for blockchain integration.

Blockchain, while still early in its life-cycle, is a technology that has a strong interest by many of our clients, who are exploring this technology. During the development of our relationship we concluded that our AWS expertise could help unchain.io to speed up their go to market strategy. With this first announced unchain.io service, now available on AWS Marketplace, we are in pole-position to explore these blockchain initiatives with our enterprise clients.”

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