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Enterprise Blockchain Adoption Moves Closer with Release of REMME Private Testnet

Authentication protocol REMME has released its private testnet, demonstrating the strongest use case yet for enterprise permissioned blockchains.

Passwordless authentication system has REMME announced its private testnet are ready for enterprise testing. The technology can now be tried on the REMME testnet, giving businesses a taste of the benefits blockchain can bestow in terms of increased security and transparency.

Since completing its token sale in February 2018, REMME’s research and development team has been focused on perfecting its proprietary REMChain for handling distributed Identity and Access management (IAMd) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) requests. The release of private testnet means that REMME’s technology is now ready for testing in an enterprise environment.

Explaining this milestone, REMME CEO Alex Momot said: “Private blockchains that are accessed on a permissioned basis are where the future of enterprise adoption of this technology lies. The testnet and integration tools we’ve developed in this capacity enable businesses to store certificate data in a distributed manner, eliminating single points of failure and allowing for integration with existing systems (ERP, CRM, Accounting software etc.). As a result, enterprises can enjoy the many benefits of blockchain technology, whilst working within a framework they are accustomed to. We now look forward to demonstrating the efficiency and security of this system for storing certificate data as we introduce our pilot program participants to private sidechains.”

A pilot program that has been receiving applications since October 2017 has attracted interest from almost 300 global enterprises seeking to trial REMME’s passwordless authentication system. Applicants ranged from small IT companies to a fintech firm with more than 500m users and a telecom company with 640m customers.
Participants in the program, who span industries as eclectic as medtech, fintech, and IoT, will now be encouraged to trial private sidechains with the full life cycle support of the REMME team. The testnet version of this technology has a number of features including:

  • REMchain block explorer for checking block and transaction status in real-time
  • Get REM tokens to perform operations within the testnet
  • REMChain node monitoring, connected to five nodes situated all over the world
  • REMME WebAuth demo application (Create, Verify, Revoke Certificate)

The next phase of development will see the introduction of public REMChain, powered by a network of masternodes operating under a custom Proof-of-Service consensus algorithm and REM token economy with Atomic Swap mechanism.
This major milestone of intensive work by REMME’s R&D team, private testnet is the clearest sign to date that distributed Access Management systems will be successfully adopted by businesses. Blockchain will act a network of trust, providing a viable alternative to password-based systems.

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