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Sony applies for Blockchain patent for user authentication system

Sony, the Japanese tech player, has applied for a new patent to potentially apply blockchain  to a proposed user login system.

The patent application released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on October 26th indicates how Sony might use two different blockchain platforms jointly as part of a multi-factor authentication system (MFA).

This system operates by providing its users with two different credentials to log into a website or program, and after a user enters a standard username and password, an authentication token generates a code that must be entered to gain access. This ensures greater security as an attacker might gain access to the password of the user, but not to the token, as it generates a different code for each login.

In the patent application, Sony proposed that one blockchain platform would create these authentication codes, while the other would receive them, in order to confirm a user’s identity when they try to commit a transaction through the platform. In addition, “the random transaction includes at least one of transfer, contract generation and asset transfer”.

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