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Ledger Enterprise Selects Etana Custody as US Custodial Partner to Enterprise Clients

Etana Custody, a regulated company that offers support services and multi-asset custody, and Ledger Enterprise, a global provider of critical digital asset security, have joined forces to provide mutual benefits to their institutional clients.

The partnership involves Ledger Enterprise selecting Etana Custody as its US-based custodial partner, allowing all institutional clients to access Etana’s services powered by Ledger Enterprise.

Moreover, clients of Etana Custody can utilize the Ledger Enterprise platform to act as a sub-custodian of their digital assets, as the company’s commitment to operating a global, regulatory-compliant business is its primary focus.

This offering is also beneficial to Ledger Enterprise, which can now provide its institutional clients with its technology and Etana Custody’s solutions, allowing for the segregation of funds and eliminating counterparty risk.  

According to Brandon Russell, the CEO and founder of Etana Custody, as more institutions show interest in digital assets, the demand for regulated custodians that can fulfill enterprise compliance and security requirements is also increasing.

Russell believes that Etana has the necessary delivery mechanisms and regulatory footprint to offer the secure trading environment that institutional clients need. He also stated that Etana’s custodial solution promotes investor confidence in digital assets, which leads to more significant market participation and liquidity.

It is worth noting that Etana will employ Ledger devices to manage digital assets while utilizing the security of Ledger’s technology, which supports more than 1,800 coins and tokens, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The partnership will enable institutional clients to diversify the custody of their digital assets based on their business or compliance requirements.

“We chose Etana Custody as our U.S. custodial partner due to its status as a regulated global custodian,” said Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO of Ledger. “In the industry, there is a current move to safety, and Etana Custody, as a strong and sustainable company, is an ideal partner for us with a regulated custodial offering that is advantageous for our enterprise clients.” 

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