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Blockchain Drife ride hailing platform buys virtual land in AqarLand

Blockchain Drife hailing riding platform has acquired virtual land plot in AqarLand, the virtual Land Metaverse of MENA rooted Blockchain enabled AqarChain platform. Aqarland consists of 26,118 land parcels in the map Jazeera ONE. The land with the assets can be imported in the land exploration game of AqarLand.

Drife, with investments from UAE Sheesha Finance, is a mobility solution built on the Blockchain, that allows a decentralized ride hailing experience to users. The use of a blockchain enables trustlessness by leveraging programmable automated self-executing smart contracts. The platform itself is governed by a DAO where everyone can participate in decision making by putting forth proposals and voting on them.

The native platform utility tokens DRF are used for gamifying loyalty, rewards and incentives, while stable tokens are used for on-chain macro and micropayment transfers. Native tokens are meant to be staked for acquiring Franchise NFTs or FNFTs which provide the franchisee rights to use the name and system of Drife.

By acquiring a virtual land on AqarLand Drife will create a more engaging gamified approach in the mobility sector. This unique piece of land will host a futuristic circuit and also have a simulation station to test the cars and compete with each other in a race on the track. These cars will be purchased as NFT and used on the circuit with multiple modifications and upgrades available in the game itself.

To get access to the circuit the user must acquire a NFT pass that will provide entry to the game. This same pass can also be acquired by staking of DRF or AQR tokens. This mobility game allows users to keep a collection of NFT’s and win races and earn in this P2E environment.

“DRIFE partnership with AqarLand plays a major role in creating and developing DRIFE NFTs cars for the real estate metaverse. We are planning further to make the game more engaging by offering NFTs, hosting race circuits, events & tournaments so that the users not only can earn but also experience blockchain too,” said Ms. Firdosh Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of DRIFE.

“This Partnership will be one of the many utility games and engagement that will be part of the AqarLand Metaverse and its ecosystem.” added, Waqas Nakhwa the Founder and CEO of AqarChain .

Aqarchain recently launched the NFT Marketplace for AqarLand. This same marketplace will be used by users to purchase assets that are used in partnership lands and games of these partners. The NFT can be purchased from the AqarLand Marketplace and held in your wallet. The Same NFT can be traded on a secondary market on Opensea.

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