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OTC Crypto trading platform ZB launches in UAE, OTC crypto trading platform has launched in the UAE as part of its expansion plans in the MENA region. The expansion of a crypto and digital asset trading platform of’s caliber comes at a time when, in the MENA region, the interest in digital assets is translating to investments. 

A flagship platform of the ZB Group, was founded in 2013 and has a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the United States ,growth markets with considerable exposure to digital assets. The company’s one-stop-shop platform, which supports OTC trading, leverage trading, and real-time spot trading of hundreds of digital assets, has catered to over 15 million users since its inception. Under the tutelage of its International CEO Romex Jha, has facilitated transactions worth over a whopping $160 billion since 2013. 

“As a company with a global footprint, believes in strategic expansions into growth markets. The demand economics for digital assets in the MENA region is extremely promising. The region is currently undergoing a tech-powered sociocultural evolution, which has consequently increased the appetite for digital assets., with its full-stack model and a host of first-to-market services, is well-positioned to meet the unmet needs of regional investors — both beginners and experts alike,” said Romex Jha. provides tutorials for novice traders aspiring to gain exposure to digital assets, in line with its motto of advocating financial inclusion and eliminating entry barriers. It offers a ZB Partner Program, rewards for task completion, and assistance through its 24/7 customer service center, to incentivize new traders. Most importantly,’s success in enabling new traders is owed to the platform’s fool-proof security. boasts zero security breaches in nine years of operations, making it one of the most secure platforms for digital asset trading in the world. It has successfully safeguarded the trading activities of over 15 million users, building loyalty and trust along the way. popularity is also largely owed to its native token, ZB, which is among the top-performing assets in the market today. 

“Blockchain technology has introduced revolutionary applications such as NFTs, DeFi, metaverse, and Web3, which are collectively changing the course of humanity. Today, globally, there is a “fear of missing out” associated with digital assets. This mainstream acceptance calls for secure platforms that can successfully onboard enthusiasts, safeguard their interests, and make their pursuits both financially and emotionally rewarding. This is where comes in,” added Romex Jha. 

In order to streamline its offerings for users, has launched a mobile app and an API, allowing quick and efficient integration with trading functions. It accepts dozens of currencies, such as AED, USD, and GBP, for deposits and subsequent trading, besides facilitating the exchange of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream altcoins based on user demand. Such a user-centric approach has enabled to leapfrog its way into a commanding position in the global digital assets market. 

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