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Dreamium Labs launches world’s only 3D DNA based NFT Avatars

 Dreamium Labs, an open metaverse platform developer, announced has launched “Mutants of the Metaverse,” a new PFP NFT campaign that is set to transform the future of NFTs by creating 3D DNA Based NFT Avatars.

Starting December 1 the company will open the whitelist to secure a spot in the private presale limited to the first 500 Genesis Mutants at a discounted price of 0.09 ETH. An additional 1,300 Genesis Mutants will be available at the regular price of 0.18 ETH in the follow-on general sale on a first-come basis starting with whitelist registrants unable to participate in the pre-sale, followed by the general public.

Each Genesis Mutant is a unique avatar that will serve as the user’s transportable open metaverse identity with an immutable serial number randomly assigned on generation at minting indicating their status as one of the first inhabitants of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse (DŌM, pronounced like “dome”), the world’s first open NFT metaverse platform that enables everyone to join simply by taking a selfie which creates their full-body 3D ‘minii’ avatar and blockchain account with an advanced NFT identity system. 

This initial Genesis Mutant NFT drop will consist of 1,800 total Mutants derived from over 9 million unique possible combinations of traits. The Mutants of the Metaverse is an extremely rare, limited series of drops as it aims to onboard the first .001% of the world’s five billion socially connected users into the open metaverse era, with a hard cap of no more than 50,000 Genesis Mutants ever minted over time.

Using a selfie, the DOM captures and transfers the unique DNA expressed through each person’s facial features, creating a “minii.mutant” avatar that derives a resemblance to the owner, while retaining all its mutated powers and traits. It’s a PFP with serious swagger, as once minted, it enables users to level up their earnings in the Play-Create-Develop-to-Earn + Donate (PCD2E+D) system, which rewards every user through their participation as a minii across the entire open metaverse.

Once the mint occurs, users can view the entire Mutants collection on OpenSea, which will show each collectible’s unique aesthetics, powers, and rarity of each trait.

“We’re on the cusp of the great digital migration of today’s five billion social internet users to becoming the five billion users of the interactive and immersive open metaverse,” said Mike Rubin, founder of Dreamium Labs. “In the process, users will take back ownership of their identities and need a system to securely manage all their interactive NFT 3D avatars, items, intelligence and rankings as they transport across interconnected web 3.0 experiences. Mutants of the Metaverse represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be in the .001% of a new compute era by immutably sealing your place in history as a true pioneer of the open metaverse with the most technically advanced and aesthetically-unique NFT avatar identities morphed from your own DNA.”

Dreamium’s Mutants are the world’s only DNA-based NFTs, giving users special powers and traits that will supercharge their REM token earnings in the DOM.

Each variation of Mutant traits is modeled with 3D software as a separate layer. An algorithm generates a unique combination of traits at the time of minting, ensuring that each of the 50,000 combinations is a unique NFT. It includes all the metadata of the digital art, powers, traits, and tamper-proof serial numbers that are securely registered on the blockchain.

Traits include:

  • Region of Mutonia: background image and special powers of that region, such as a mystical forest, wisdom peak, sacred water spring, and more.
  • Skin type: elemental powers (fire, water, earth, metal, wood)
  • Upper skin material: level of skin-type elemental power
  • Inner skin material: level of secondary elemental power
  • Body type:  Mutants are non-binary yet have a dominant sex chromosome pair along with an attached recessive extra-chromosome marker.  The XYx body type has a more masculine aesthetic while the XXy body type has a more feminine aesthetic.  Due to this extra chromosome, both body types can be either donors or hosts for breeding purposes.

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