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Arab Countries top the global searches for Blockchain, DLT, crypto, tokens and others

In the world of today, with internet proliferation and Google search engines, researchers can tell a lot about what interests a population by taking a look at Google search trends data. UNLOCK took a look at Google trends data for the terms Blockchain, versus Bloch chain, the Arabic word for Blockchain (بلوك تشين), DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), NFTs versus None Fungible Tokens, , crypto versus cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin versus BTC, and Ethereum versus Eth and others. Arab Countries topped most of the lists of countries with highest searches for terms such as Blockchain, tokens, crypto, NFTs, DLT and others.

UNLOCK focused on countries that topped the global list but came from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), MENA and Arab world, as a result UNLOCK found the following:

Blockchain versus Block Chain

First and foremost, most of the searches on Blockchain are searched for as Blockchain one word rather than two.

Over the last 12 month period, within High search volume regions, Algeria topped the list of worldwide country searches for the term Blockchain, standing at number 9. It was followed by Morocco which stood at number 11, while Egypt (51 place) and UAE (58 place) with Saudi Arabia at 66th place.

In terms of searches in Arabic, بلوك تشين as two words took top place and the biggest searches in Arabic globally looking at high search volume regions came from KSA (Saudi Arabia) and Egypt

DLT versus Distributed Ledger Technology

UNLOCK also looked at the searches for Both DLT and Distributed Ledger Technology and found the majority of searches used the search term DLT. Here the UAE (United Arab Emirates) took top spot at number 3 in terms of searches in high search regions over the past year. Iraq followed at number 14th spot. No other Arab country has any searches on the term DLT.

NFT versus None Fungible Tokens

Looking into the recent popularity of NFTs, UNLOCK found that when it comes to search trends most searchers use the word NFT in their search and not Non Fungible Tokens. When it comes to the region again the UAE (United Arab Emirates) was high on the list of countries with searches on NFT. It came in 11th place globally followed by Morocco 43rd place and Saudi Arabia taking 61st place.

Tokens versus Tokenization

As per Google search trends people use the terms tokens in their searches more than tokenization. Lebanon topped this list and came in at number 5 (in globally high density search regions) followed by Egypt at 31, and Saudi Arabia (KSA) with 49th place and UAE at 56th position globally.

Crypto versus Cryptocurrencies

Again researching the terms mostly used for searches on Google, crypto was the word that topped the list globally. Here the UAE took 17th position globally in terms of searches while Lebanon followed at 43rd position and Saudi Arabia (KSA) at 53rd position.

Bitcoin versus BTC

Bitcoin is the word used most to search Bitcoin globally. When it comes to the MENA and Arab region, UAE was on the list of high search regions but came in at 36th position followed by KSA (Saudi Arabia) at 45th position and Egypt at 52.

When you look at Google searches for the term “Bitcoin Price” in specific UAE comes in 4th position globally and Saudi Arabia at 11th position.

Ethereum versus Eth

Most searches on Google use the word Ethereum with Lebanon at number 26 globally followed by KSA (Saudi Arabia) at number 33 and UAE at 42 positions. When looking into “Ethereum price” Lebanon comes in at 6th position globally for high search regions followed by UAE at number 8th position and KSA at 14th.

MENA Crypto exchanges

BitOasis crypto exchange tops all other exchanges in terms of searches in the region. The number one country searching the term “BitOasis” was UAE, followed by Bahrain at number 2 position globally, Saudi Arabia at number 3 position, Oman number 4, and Jordan number 5, Kuwait 6, Lebanon 7th, Qatar 8th and Egypt 10th.

Bahrain regulated RAIN crypto exchange had much less searches with UAE topping the countries searching for it. While COINMENA searches topped in Bahrain, UAE and Turkey.


When it comes to Blockchain, Algeria, KSA and Egypt seem to be most interested, while in comparison most searches in UAE are on DLT. This could reflect that enterprises and governments are those searching most the DLT technologies rather than pure blockchain per say.

In terms of NFTs most interest is coming from UAE, Morocco and KSA. UAE has opened up its regulations allowing for tokenization and crypto licenses which could be a reason for this increase in search uptake in the UAE.

Lebanon tops the list when it comes to search both on tokens and token sales, this could be related to the increased interest in crypto assets as a means to safeguard Lebanese citizens money given the economic, financial and political turmoil. This is also reflected in the searches on Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as their prices where UAE, KSA, Lebanon and even Egypt are on the scene.

All these indicate that there is a growing interest in the past year for blockchain, DLT, crypto, as Arab and MENA countries topped the list of countries with the highest searches on these words. UNLOCK will continue to monitor these trends to see how and where changes take place.

Lara Abdul Malak

Lara has been a journalist and writer in the technology field since her graduation from AUB majoring in political science. She has had career in corporation communications in the telecom sector and was part of the launch of first 3G network in the GCC and MENA region. Since her return to journalism she has been focused with passion on blockchain, tokenization, crypto focusing on the GCC and MENA region.

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