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UAE Binary Fintech acquires Keynote Blockchain events

UAE Binary Fintech Group and Quantum Fintech group have acquired cryptocurrency events company, Keynote FZE Keynote FZE, is the parent company responsible for The North American Bitcoin Conference (Miami), and the World Blockchain Forum.

“It’s impossible to change the world without a way to get your message out,” says Moe Levin, founder of Keynote FZE. “I started Keynote to create a platform for visionary ideas. Keynote was an opportunity to amplify and extend the reach of those ideas across the globe.”

Ethereum was launched at Keynote’s “The North American Bitcoin Conference” in 2014. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of crypto equity and investment have flowed through Keynote events since 2012. Speakers at Keynote events include more than 70% of the leading voices in the crypto community, including the founders of Fantom, Tether, Cardano, Polkadot, Litecoin, Monero, Binance, and many others.

Binary Fintech Group is one of the oldest OTC Trading desks for cryptocurrency, and are long-time innovators and investors in the blockchain space. Binary and Keynote have been partners since 2014, making the acquisition a natural extension of that partnership. “Keynote and Binary have had an aligned mission from the beginning. The long-term prospects for Keynote are best realized through this sale; we’re thrilled to support and drive the growth of the crypto and blockchain ecosystems through leading the acquisition of Keynote,” says Harry Yeh. “Keynote will continue to operate as an independent entity and we are excited to see the next level of events produced by Keynote.”

Quantum Fintech Group digital asset focused fund CEO Mr. Nabeel Qadri, Managing Director, considers the Keynote acquisition to be a natural progression for building a global, curated network of intellectual capital in crypto that will pioneer the next phase of value creation in digital assets. “Keynote has been the nexus point of investment in crypto unicorns since the earliest innings of the decentralized revolution. Binary and Quantum’s acquisition of Keynote is a commitment to curating the best minds globally to build and invest in the next iterations of distributed ledger technology. We are activist investors and consider Keynote an extension of Quantum’s core team that will facilitate our vision of building with top tier investors and projects alike.”


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