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Germany, France, and Italy Unveil AI Regulation Consensus

In a groundbreaking development, France, Germany, and Italy have come together to chart a collaborative path on the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI).

A joint paper, seen by Reuters, outlines their consensus, anticipated to propel discussions within the European Union to new heights.

The trio advocates for “mandatory self-regulation through codes of conduct” concerning the foundational models of AI, which are pivotal in generating a wide array of outputs.

Simultaneously, they stand in opposition to “untested norms,” emphasizing the need for structured guidelines rather than unverified regulations.

The crux of their accord revolves around the understanding that the regulation of AI should not focus solely on the technology itself but on its application. This aligns with ongoing negotiations at the European level involving the European Commission, Parliament, and EU Council, shaping the stance on this critical issue.

The proposed framework emphasizes the need for developers of foundational models to define “model cards,” serving as comprehensive repositories of essential information elucidating the model’s functionality, capabilities, and limitations. These cards, modeled on industry best practices, aim to provide comprehensive insights within the developer community.

Furthermore, the joint paper suggests the establishment of an AI governance body entrusted with developing guidelines and overseeing the application of these model cards. Initially, the paper indicates a leniency toward imposing sanctions. However, it paves the way for potential sanctions should violations of the code of conduct persist over time.

Notably, Germany’s stance on AI regulation emphasizes the need to regulate the application of AI rather than the technology itself. Digital Affairs Minister Volker Wissing stressed the significance of limiting AI use rather than the technology, positioning it as a strategy to compete at the highest echelons in the global AI landscape.

Amid the global pursuit of AI’s economic advantages, the United Kingdom hosted its inaugural AI safety summit in November.

Germany is set to host a digital summit in Jena, bringing together political, business, and scientific leaders.

Discussions on AI will further take center stage during governmental talks between Germany and Italy in Berlin, reflecting the widespread recognition of the opportunities and risks inherent in AI deployment.

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