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Chinese State Media Suddenly Removes Video Following Bold Comment of CZ

On May 24, a video regarding cryptocurrency was broadcasted by China’s state-affiliated media company CCTV, creating significant buzz within the Crypto Twitter community.

Binance CEO CZ recognized its significance, considering it a momentous occurrence that has historically triggered bullish market trends. However, according to Cointelegraph, merely a day after CZ’s comment, the CCTV network removed the video from its platform.

The video segment delved into the topic of cryptocurrency compliance in Hong Kong, highlighting recent advancements in the field. Additionally, it showcased a memecoin based on Solana, which was later revealed to be a fraudulent scheme aimed at artificially inflating its value before abruptly crashing.

Hong Kong recently made an announcement permitting licensed virtual asset platforms to offer their services to retail traders, which opened up the opportunity for legal cryptocurrency trading in the country. Nonetheless, the Securities and Futures Commission has not yet granted approval to any crypto platforms for providing such services.

The significance of CZ’s statement, highlighting the importance of China’s state-affiliated media discussing crypto, stems from China’s comprehensive ban on all cryptocurrency activities in 2021. Nevertheless, the recent positive developments in Hong Kong, being a special administrative region of China, have generated speculation regarding its stance on cryptocurrencies.

These favorable crypto advancements in Hong Kong have already begun to impact the Chinese market, as evidenced by China’s state-owned Greenland expressing interest in applying for a virtual asset trading license in Hong Kong.

China has traditionally maintained a hostile position towards foreign cryptocurrencies and has been actively promoting its central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital yuan.

In fact, China was among the pioneers in developing a CBDC, and while not officially launched yet, the digital yuan is already being utilized by millions of citizens through various government initiatives.

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