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Solana Emissions Dashboard for Transparent Blockchain Carbon Footprint

The Solana Foundation has teamed up with data platform Trycarbonara to introduce a real-time tracking dashboard aimed at measuring carbon emissions on the Solana blockchain.

In a blog post, the foundation stated that this marks the first “major smart-contract blockchain” to measure carbon emissions in real-time. The foundation aims to encourage transparency in carbon emissions within the blockchain ecosystem by this initiative.

The emissions tracker is embedded directly on Solana nodes to ensure accurate measurement of the blockchain’s carbon footprint. The measurement updates in real-time, depending on the throughput of individual validators, their online and offline status, and changes in the validator network over time.

This data includes: total energy consumption, emissions of RPC nodes, carbon footprint of individual validators, and embodied emissions including hardware manufacturing and transport. Below is a snapshot presented by the foundation of the climate impact of the Solana network, taken April 20, 2023.

Solana carbon emissions Overview

The information provided in the emissions dashboard is very detailed and can be accessed freely, which makes it possible to thoroughly examine the sources of network emissions right down to the validator level. This enables validators, ecosystem projects, and teams to analyze each individual contribution to the network’s carbon footprint and come up with ways to reduce it.

Starting in November 2021, the Solana Foundation has been regularly hiring outside experts to evaluate the emissions produced by the Solana network. The Foundation aims to improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of these assessments as time goes on.

In the future, the Solana Foundation plans to keep track of new features that are intended to increase the energy efficiency of the network and make it simpler for members of the Solana community to make environmentally friendly choices. These features include on-chain offset, wallet levels emissions analysis, and automatic offset purchases.

The dashboard is robust and makes it possible to analyze network emissions from a number of different perspectives. Trycarbonara intends to keep developing their platform over time and Solana Foundation hopes to set a new standard for measuring emissions in blockchain by publishing this data.

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