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African Artists to showcase NFTs at Africa Blockchain Week

Africa Blockchain Week (ABCW) 2021 taking place from June 28th to July 1st. The core event is the ABCW Virtual Summit  will broadcast high-level content during the days of June 28th, 29th and 30th. The hottest NFT trend is envisioned through a special Africa Artist Showcase of NFTs, including Amrita Sethi, an award-winning multimedia and tech artist.
The event is co-hosted by NexChange Group, a blockchain ecosystem and venture builder, and an African conglomerate MARITA Group, with partnership and continuous support from the African Union and its Economic, Social and Cultural Council, the intergovernmental organizations that unite countries on the African continent on multiple levels. Ambassador Jalal Chalba, CIDO Director of African UNION Commission, Dr William Carew, Head of Secretariat of African Union ECOSOCC and Botho Seboko, Head of Human Resources, Science and Technology Cluster of African Union ECOSOCC are honorable participants and speakers for Africa Blockchain Week.
Africa Blockchain Week 2021 is covered by CNBC Africa, and also enjoys partnerships with blockchain focused venture capital investor CVVC, and the leading think tanks in digital economy and fintech industries: Goldfingr Global Investment Club and Global Policy House, an investment, digital economy and blockchain solutions hub.
Moreover, 25+ media partners, 25+ supporting organisations and their communities coming from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East have endorsed Africa Blockchain Week.
The conference agenda combines both financial and non-financial applications of blockchain that nourish the ecosystem and help build strong ties with global blockchain hubs. From the adoption of Bitcoin and digital currencies market boom, to feasibility studies of central bank digital currencies conducted by African central banks, to blockchain based logistics and supply chains in agriculture and food provenance, to distributed digital identity systems and financial inclusion: a wide range of topics will be covered during the 3-day summit.
Speakers featured on the agenda:
● Charles Hoskinson, Founder, Cardano, Co-founder, IOHK
● Mamadou Toure, Founder, CEO, Ubuntu Group, Founder, Africa 2.0 Foundation
● Mance Harmon, CEO, Hedera Hashgraph
● Michelle Chivunga N, CEO, Global Policy House, Advisor, African Union
● Nick Spanos, Bitcoin pioneer, Founder, ZAP
● Michael Sudarkasa, CEO, Africa Business Group
● Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation
● Hamdene Ezzeddine, State Commissioner at the Tunisian High Administrative Court
● Albert Isola, Minister for Digital and Financial Services, Government of Gibraltar
● Ismail El Hamraoui, President, The Moroccan Youth Government
● Ian Putter, Head of DLT/Blockchain, Standard Bank
● John Kamara, Founder Adalabsafrica, Chairman African Blockchain Centre
● Mohammad Sear, Digital Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader, EY Africa, India, Middle East 
● Elaine Bannerman, Founder, Pan-African Tech Foundation
Topics include:
● Financial Regulation: From Regulatory Goals to Legal Techniques
● Cross Border Payment Infrastructures and Central Bank Digital Currencies in Africa
● Distributed Digital Identity Using Blockchain Technology
● DLT & Trade Facilitation in Africa
● NFTs: from Hype to Mainstream
● Digital Media Platforms: Content and Strategies for New Generation 
● Blockchain Enabled Solutions for Mining & Energy Industry
● Blockchain Application in Agriculture: Agri-specific blockchain & Food Provenance
● Supply Chain Management Solutions x Blockchain
● FinTech & Tokenisation Strategies in Africa and Beyond

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