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UAE Sheesha Finance partners with Mercor Finance for investing in complex crypto algorithms

Sheesha Finance the first decentralized cryptocurrency mutual fund for DeFi investors to easily access a variety of projects without having to spend days, sometimes weeks doing research, has partnered with Mercor Finance, a social platform giving everyday cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to directly invest in complex algorithms. The partnership will aim to provide crypto traders with tools and resources to provide the community with quality content and projects with actual use-cases. 
In today’s market where licenses and data are inherent to a competitive edge, large institutional investors are dominant. This dominance is caused by the lack of cooperation between private traders and developers. Using Mercor, an infrastructure is created that facilitates cooperation, aiming to democratize the algorithmic trading market and increase access to exclusive advanced analytical data. In addition, Sheesha Finance promotes investor accessibility via its unique mutual fund model specifically for investing in unique and promising DeFi projects. Through partnering, Sheesha Finance and Mercor offer an opportunity for investors to diversify their assets and make smart decisions based on accurate data. 
“The partnership between Sheesha Finance and Mercor Finance is strategic in several ways. We are able to leverage our communities to spread mass adoption, which is critical for blockchain development and bringing quality projects into the ecosystem,” said Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, founder of Sheesha Finance. “Mercor Finance’s algorithmic trading not only assists retail clients but also developers interested in backtesting data along with other key financial components. Projects like Mercor Finance provide easy solutions for retail investors which help drive mass adoption. We are very excited to partner with them on their journey.”
“The partnership with Sheesha Finance is of great interest to Mercor and its community,” said Mercor Finance’s CEO. “With Sheesha Finance we are targeting and attracting potential members of the platform. We are very much looking forward to the partnership and everything it will bring to both of our communities.”
Mercor Finance provides its users with the instruments to develop and potential to invest in what is known as the “black box of trading”: algorithmic trading. Mercor supplies developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities, and exclusive data with a goal to make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, reducing entry barriers. Mercor Finance will be hosting the first ‘Certified Start IDO’ on BSCstarter launching its $MRCR sale on May 26, 2021. To learn more about the sale, visit the Mercor Medium and sign up for the IDO via the following form: Whitelist sign up form. Participants must complete the KYC procedure via Blockpass, as well as have 50 $START tokens staked on the BSCstarter platform. By completing the form, participants will also take part in a random selection to receive a bonus of $2,000 USD in $START and $MRCR tokens.

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