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SafeSunCrypto Blockchain environmental and Swap DEX launches beta

In a recent press release out of Dubai UAE, SafeSun Crypto announced its launching. As stated in the release the entity which was created a mere 24 days ago,is a BEP20-compliant token that has already been listed on PancakeSwap, Bitmart, and now the beta launch of SafeSun’s very own DEX swap: SunSwap.SafeSun is a blockchain-powered project geared towards eliminating CO2 emissions and developing a better DEX swap alternative. 
As stated in the release, SunSwap is a unique, proprietary swap DEX alternative to PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and the other swaps on the current market. Even in its beta form, SunSwap’s fees and user experience along with the speed of its transactions make it comparable to other established swap DEXes in the cryptocurrency world.
While the road map makes it very clear that the end goal is to eventually create NFT and AI-based projects to bring awareness and to reduce carbon emissions along with fully supporting their release of SunSwap, the goal of the development  team currently is to develop SunSwap to its fullest potential and fully release it in a timely manner to the general public.
It is currently in a full beta launch to work out any and all errors discovered and to perfect the user experience. Along with further developing SunSwap, the team’s other current primary goal is to continue to get the SafeSun token listed on as many major exchanges as possible. Bitmart and PancakeSwap were only the beginning, the team is in talks with multiple major exchanges about the next listing for SafeSun.
As per the release users can benefit from the following characteristics. First it is 100 percent community driven. Secondly, the tokenomics make it possible to earn Safesun by holding coins in wallets.   There is a 4% tax on every transaction made. 2% of all the transaction fees on the network are allocated to token holders. The other 2% is sent to the dedicated liquidity pool.

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