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Stratis Blockchain partners with C# Corner to support blockchain developers

Stratis Blockchain partners with C# Corner, a 3M+ member community that works towards the advancement of knowledge and software technology. Stratis’ focus on leveraging Microsoft technologies, specifically the C# programming language, means a plethora of programmers worldwide will now be developing and supporting one another to build with Stratis Blockchain Technologies.
The partnership will influence several activities being performed in the coming months, starting with a dedicated Stratis Blockchain Development Team focussed on developing practical use cases utilizing Stratis. C# Corner’s development team will commit to delivering multiple solutions, ultimately demonstrating the power of the platform developed by Stratis. Moreover, Stratis will work alongside C# Corner to perform focused Hackathon events every quarter, providing prize pools for those participating in demonstrating blockchain use-cases with Stratis’ Smart Contract solution. Stratis aims to create a vast network of developers who can design, build and deploy functional applications on Stratis. The growth of a rich and knowledgeable community of developers will undoubtedly drive adoption and development.
This partnership will also introduce the highly anticipated Certified Stratis Blockchain Expert (CSBE) certification program; aimed at those architecting Blockchain Solutions utilizing Stratis. The certification assures that an individual has a deep understanding of core blockchain concepts and their feasibility, and demonstrates best practice set forth by Stratis’ core development team.
C# Corner, ranked below 2,800 globally and founded in 2000, is one of C# and .NET developers’ largest online communities. C# Corner reaches close to 5 million developers each month and provides daily updates on software development news. C# Corner has 1.2 million followers on Facebook and several thousand followers on Twitter and other social media platforms.
 Stratis spent the past several years building a versatile and feature-rich platform based on Microsoft’s leading programming framework, .NET Core. The platform can now be utilized to create Blockchain solutions in a familiar environment.
By using an alternate consensus algorithm known as Proof-of-Authority, Stratis’ BaaS Technology can scale, handling far greater throughput than other blockchain solutions. A defined set of distributed block producers ensure transactions are validated and processed rapidly, resulting in lightning-fast turnaround times. Stratis’ solution provides the ability to ‘Scale at Will’ and thus does not experience congestion, resulting in pre-defined and known transactional costs, removing the risk of experiencing volatile costs when interacting with the Blockchain.
With $4.1 Billion spent on blockchain solutions worldwide last year, every industry today is exploring the benefits blockchain technology brings. Stratis offers the easiest adoption solution through its different offerings built on C#, the most widely used coding language.

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