Technicorum Holdings launches crowdfunding platform techlauncher

Technicorum Holdings has launched “TheTechLauncher” its new crowdfunding platform that allows founders to pitch a project or business to obtain funding quickly and efficiently. TheTechLauncher enables start-ups to share their USPs (Unique Selling Proposition), get feedback and obtain expert guidance on how to improve their pitches. Companies can now raise funds through the issuance and sale of Digital Payment Tokens, an entirely new category which is the first of its kind, adding to the traditional crowdfunding types such as Charitable, Rewards-Based, Debt and Equity Crowdfunding.  

Early-stage companies focused on building business and attracting seed capital might not be able to spend the time required to pursue traditional financing channels. Compared to applying for a loan or seeking accredited investors, setting up a successful crowdfunding campaign on TheTechLauncher is far more efficient and effective in delivering compelling messages to the right audiences. With TheTechLauncher, companies can share their vision, set up enticing rewards, and benefit from having everything in one centralized location where potential backers can find them. 

Despite its growth after a decade where it dominated a new wave of finance, equity crowdfunding is actually still in its infancy. In what seemed like an overnight transformation at the time, crowdfunding changed entire product verticals and industries in only a matter of hours, evidenced by the launch of such products as the Oculus Rift (eventually bought by Facebook for $2 billion) and Pebble smartwatch. GoFundMe, which launched shortly after Kickstarter and Indiegogo, allowed people to position themselves as a product as well by crowdfunding personal donations. 

Tech launcher USPs:

  1. Auto Token Creation
  2. User friendly interface
  3. Easy access to blockchain industry (Defi)
  4. Connects Investors with Project Owners
  5. Decentralized Wallet Integration

Users can easily go to the TechLauncher website and become either an investor or a project owner or both. Investors are able to participate in farming events by new upcoming Defi Blockchain projects as part of their ICO.

As for Project Owners, they can use our features to connect with Users with ease as we have created an easy way for users to interact with the blockchain without having to deploy any smart contracts.  

Startups are able to sign up as Project Owners, after completing their KYB they can start creating their own projects, adding whitepaper links, creating farming pools, creating tokens, and adding their company website. Admin integration will be done in phase 2. Our landing page will display for popular projects or upcoming projects that will be launching through techlauncher 

TechLauncher offers founders a way to create their own farming pools and tokens without the need of any knowledge how to create a farming pool or how to create a token, or how to create an interface for each user.

The KingSwap project was the first use-case of TheTechLauncher’s product roll-out, with a Technicorum Group subsidiary incubating and launching the well-known KingSwap project that is a mix of DeFi and NFTs, helping with token minting and creation, and marketing and managing the communities and social media outreach as well as various operational aspects of KingSwap


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