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Arianee Blockchain digital identity platform for luxury products raises 9 million USD

Launched  in  2017 by  several  entrepreneurs in  the luxury  and  blockchain  spaces,   Arianee , an independent, nonprofit consortium whose mission is to implement a global standard for the digital certification of luxury  goods, has  closed its seed round with a total  amount raised of €8 million. This round, which brings together leading French investors in  the tech and  blockchain  industries  which include names such as BPIFrance, ISAI, Cygnilabs, Noia Capital as well as Frenchtech entrepreneurs confirms the vision and  relevance  of Arianee’s  model. 

The Arianee  protocol makes it  possible  to  associate  each luxury  product with  its  own  unique,  unforgeable  digital  identity.  This digital “identity card” opens up a secure, permanent, and anonymous communication channel between brands, products, and owners. Powered by blockchain technology, this solution is open-source and decentralized

With  this  funding,  Arianee  will  be able  to  meet  growing  demand from  brands and  develop  its  technology  to promote a “reinvented customer relationship”: transparent, traceable, secure, sustainable, and  respectful of privacy.

Since the 2000s, the luxury and retail industries have been undergoing profound changes and are witnessing   the emergence of new prisms, from   e-commerce to second-hand platforms.  The digitalization of consumer relations, the circular economy, transparency, traceability, and responsibility have become more salient than ever: to address these emerging issues, brands must innovate to offer an experience that meets the expectations of a new generation of consumers.

For brands, the stakes are high: How can they interact with customers who do not make online   purchases, receive gifts, or buy second-hand products? How can   they be transparent, committed, and encouraging of more responsible consumption while telling their story and driving their sales?

Since its creation, Arianee  has  aimed to become a leading partner in the rapidly evolving luxury and  fashion industries, with the ultimate goal  of having a tangible impact. This is the vision  that  led  to  the development  of the  Arianee  protocol,  the  new standard for  issuing  encrypted digital passports   on    the   blockchain, available  in  open  source  via  a consortium  under the French law  of 1901  and   open to  all  developers wishing to create new uses for brands.

In  2020,  Arianee  completed  its  value proposition  by  developing  a SaaS   platform which  makes its  technology  directly  accessible  to brands wishing  to  integrate  it.  Brands  can offer  their  customers  a customized and  personalized experience by  developing their own user interface  and  producing  digital  passports in  real time,  directly from  their IT infrastructure.

By proposing answers to these questions, Arianee has  become the partner of reference for luxury brands: the Arianee solution allows brands to create a digital passport for each of their products.

This passport guarantees a product’s authenticity and allows brands to maintain a perpetual relationship with the product owner and a history of the events and transactions happening during its life cycle. A number of brands are already a part of the Arianee Consortium Richemont, ba&sh,  Breitling, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Roger Dubuis, MB&F, Verlan, Satoshi studio,  Olistic, Manufacture Royale, etc

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