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Unregulated crypto exchange launched in UAE under TNC Group

TNC Group blockchain solutions provider based in the UAE, has announced the launch of Aladdin Exchange crypto exchange  which as they stated in their press release is based in the UAE. As per the release, the Aladding Exchange team carried out a  pre-registration event. In this event, the platform amassed 1.5 million users, which is already a massive success according to the group.

“We are expecting more users as they have many rewards in store for those who register,” the team announced. By the end of March, qualified users can participate in Aladdin Exchange’s 1 million USD event. In this event, users have a chance to win various prizes that the team prepared to celebrate the launch.

TNC also integrated the Aladdin Exchange with their existing project, the Aladdin Pro wallet. Aside from the registration and SMS verification requirements, users who want to participate in the event must also complete the level 3 verification in the Aladdin Pro wallet. For those who want to see more details on how to be eligible to join this event, they can check information in the Aladdin Exchange official website.

The Aladdin Exchange is one of the major projects powered by the TNC Group. It will be an integral part of the TNC ecosystem along with the other TNC projects such as the TNC Crypto M&A, Real Research, and more.

According to the team, they are very excited for the launching of the Aladdin Exchange platform. The TNC Team mentions that the Aladdin Exchange is a byproduct of years of research and hard work. Their team dived into the most cutting-edge exchange technologies and latest blockchain developments in order to create and develop the Aladdin Exchange. With this, the exchange can support the massive amount of users and the top crypto pairings with the most demand such as BTCETHUSDTLTC, TNC, ABBC, and many others.


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