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UAE based Dexa Coin to launch Blockchain social messenger platform with digital payments

UAE based DEXA COIN is launching a blockchain-driven social messenger platform with digital payment capabilities. The app provides not only an intuitive chat experience but also functionalities like high-definition voice and video calls, file sharing of images, videos, and GIFs. Furthermore, the app gives users the ability to create groups on the platform. The app is currently in beta testing, and scheduled for public release in Q2/2021 aimed at all users instead of just targeting the crypto community. 

“Social messaging platforms today are still very limited in their functionality,” explained Adnan Altaf, founder and CEO of DEXA COIN. “We are going further than anybody else in the market, not only allowing people to connect with their friends and family, but also enabling them to make secure digital payments in their community via blockchain technology. DEXA APP is all about connectivity, user engagement, and entertainment. By fusing blockchain technology into a social messenger platform, we aim to reinvent the way people connect, interact, and transact with one another.” 

Users of DEXA APP can take advantage of the social platform to make digital payments right in the chat box. The app provides a secure wallet where users can also hold crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). DEXA APP also incorporates a high level of security, with end-to-end encryption that provides a secure messenger experience and ensures users’ data remains private. This stands in contrast to other messenger apps, which have seen many users leave their platforms due to privacy issues. Adnan added, “We take data privacy seriously and commit to not monetizing users’ information in any way.” 

Some of the platform’s capabilities are based on the DEXA token, which is listed on Probit and the CoinTiger Exchange. DEXA is a utility token and is utilized to gain access to premium functions in the app. All crypto transactions between users on the platform are free of charge. 

The launch of the app is the first step of an ambitious roadmap. Future plans include creating payment cards and linking the platform to an e-commerce store that will allow users to buy merchandise using fiat or crypto currencies. The company also envisions mobile multiplayer games within the platform, allowing users to challenge each other while using the native DEXA token to upgrade their in-game performance.

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