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UAE ZPayae Point of sales now includes Blockchain Digibyte DGB Coin

Digibyte , the decentralized Blockchain  used for tokenization, digital assets, and decentralized applications now is offering its DGB coin at the UAE ZPayae, ZelaaPOS, enabling United Arab Emirates to spend their DGB in a seamless way. DGB is now in the line of ZPAYae permitted cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ZPAY, and TRX.

DGB is now easily accessible and usable for the people in the United States.  ZPAYae is the key to unlock the power of crypto to all across the Middle East.  They are working with a mission of cryptonizing United Arab Emirates.

ZPAYae, being decentralized are focused on building a faster, smoother and more secure financial network.  With ZPAYae, it will be possible to transfer Emirati dirham (AED) – and in the future several other fiat currencies with a single click or to invest assets in ZPAE to benefit from the targeted large growth of the ecosystem in the GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) countries.

ZPAYae are deploying Point-Of-Sale terminals around UAE to promote usability and utility of $ZPAE to generate an inflow of revenues inside the country. This just means that DGB are in the right path to establish well in the GCC countries. The potential of the Gulf is huge.  They have an estimated 54 million people with a cumulative net worth of $3 trillion and more. The wealth of the country is handled by the old school way and now they are venturing in to digitalize it to the most decentralized function.  Thus users will be able to stay in control of their funds at all times rather than depending on a third-party financial institution.

Digibyte are geared with a mission of filling in lot of gaps in the corporate world either by integrations or innovation. Rudy Bouwman tweeted:  “Digibyte will bridge the gap to the corporate world. An open-source decentralized project with the best technical features, and globally supported by many, is the key to success, but it’s real world application doesn’t come naturally.  Further stated that it will be their mission in 2021.”



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