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PayBito Crypto trading platform gains affiliates in the UAE

PayBito, Crypto trading platform announced a record number of participants for its exchange affiliate program specifically in the UAE region, in the last few months. The program allows enterprises venturing into the crypto domain to get associated with a renowned brand, and flourish by leveraging the advanced features offered by the cryptocurrency exchange. Affiliates earn 40 percent of the maker-taker fees, paid every month. The maker-taker fee comes up to 0.2 percent each.

“PayBito is significantly involved in opening up avenues for collaborations and crypto ventures for enterprises that are new to the domain, and our  exchange affiliate program aims to do the same. Through such a collective effort we believe in accelerating the cause of crypto mass adoption and ultimately the growth of the industry”, commented Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director, PayBito. 

As per the press release, PayBito offers the cryptocurrency exchange interface that functions under the brand name of the company participating in the affiliate program. The exchange order book has all the offers that are visible on the PayBito platform, including offers from other global trading platforms and other PayBito affiliates. The rest goes like the following:

1. The exchange affiliate has to market PayBito to bring new users
2. Users can place trade offers either on the affiliated exchange or on PayBito
3. The offer maker/taker can be present in exchanges within the PayBito ecosystem
4. Maker/taker receives a commission as per the fee structure
5. Commissions get disbursed every month


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