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African based Apollo Fintech launches Blockchain payments platform

Blockchain company Apollo Fintech , based in Africa and the USA,  has completed its National Payment Platform (NPP), an innovative cashless system that enables a central bank to issue a sovereign, digital currency (stablecoin) for national adoption. After central bank issuance, the NPP system enables a government agency and/or central bank to add commercial banks and agents. The entire platform has the capability to power an economy, from merchants to peer to peer transactions using its app, SMS, QR codes, cards, offline codes, and more.  

 “The National Payment Platform is the only blockchain-powered system that enables users to make digital payments through a sovereign currency,” says Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech. “The NPP enables regulated banks and commercial entities to harness the power of blockchain and facilitate frictionless transactions. This allows economic participants to save large amounts of time and resources and enables an economy to gain massive efficiencies at scale.”

Features included in the platform are , Online sign-up by merchants and citizens to facilitate easy accessibility and onboarding, publish inga product catalog to sell goods (and collect payments) directly on the platform, point of sale system to sell goods and services locally, deposit and withdrawal of funds via online wallet, as well as money transfers/remittances between wallets and abroad, bank cards to top-up funds or withdraw money, Generate efficiencies from frictionless transactions across an economy, Physically accessible throughout the country by government-approved agents/banks and The ability to make payments and check account data using only SMS

The National Payment Platform is compatible with Apollo Cash, a cashless innovation that allows a traditional economy to transition to frictionless digital payments. The NPP removes the barriers of accessibility and usability by allowing physical access from any agent locally and by utilizing top up cards that could be sold in all major retailers. Unprecedented usability is offered by allowing digital currency transactions via mobile SMS and text messages, so anyone can use the system and benefit from blockchain.

“By solving accessibility and usability challenges, NPP in conjunction with Apollo Fintech’s other financial innovations can lead to accelerated mass adoption of digital payments and cashless transactions,” says McCullah. “When utilized, a government and central bank can leverage the security and transparency of blockchain on a national scale. This empowers a government to accelerate the transformation of a national economy and gain unprecedented efficiency, stability and economic control.”

Earlier this year Apollo Fintech was discussing the launch of a national digital currency in Egypt. 


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