FLETA launches its own Mainnet

FLETA launches its own Mainnet

According to a source from PRNewsWire, FLETA a blockchain platfrom launched its mainnet. The mainnet operates on its own ecosystem which is based on an algorithm developed by FLETA.

FLETA operates in 6 major cities which include Paris and London. A lot of testing was conducted on the speed of the server and they can all be found on FLETA's website. The server is highly scalable and inexpensive. Furthermore, FLETA will make use of DApps on the chain.

Henry Hong, CEO of FLETA said, "FLETA is a new blockchain mainnet with unlimited scalability, low transaction fee, and fast speed." He also added, "FLETA can be actively utilized in adopting blockchain technology in our everyday lives since it is both user- and developer-friendly."

The source confirms that FLETA has many systems in place to tackle data manipulation and enhance speed as well as user experience. With its Gateway System, FLETA will additionally allow users to transfer tokens into coins and vice versa with no constraints.


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