Particl Announces Bitcoin Exchange Integration

An internal source confirmed to UNLOCK, Particl announced the launch of a Bitcoin payment platform on its desktop. This will allow users to use Bitcoin openly in the marketplace. The BTC-PART module within Particl Desktop will be a standalone, seperate module and won’t be integrated in the checkout process but rather will be part of it. This is how the source explains it;

As a seperate page meaning: “How the integration of this BTC-PART module will look like is a simple and convenient exchange page within the Convert tab! If you recall, on Particl Desktop, the Wallet section of the menu currently has these four pages: Send/Convert, Receive, History, and Address Book. After the integration of the exchange page, the Wallet section will now be broken up differently: Send, Receive, Convert, History, and Address Book. In other words, the Convert and Send pages will now be separated into two different pages entirely.

Then, the Convert page will contain two tabs: the usual balance conversion page (i.e. convert public balance to anon or blind balances), and the new exchange module which will convert outside currencies into PART.”

As part of the checkout process meaning: “While the Exchange module will be a standalone application, at least for the foreseeable future, it will still be integrated and interact with the checkout process. The process is simple — during the checkout process, and after you enter your shipping information, the buy flow asks you to confirm your purchase.”

At that moment, you will be met with a button that will allow you to be automatically redirected to the Exchange module. If you do not have enough funds to place the order, then the “Confirm Order” button will not be clickable, and the Exchange button will redirect you to the Exchange module. Once redirected, the module will automatically fill up the amount of Bitcoin necessary to have enough PART to checkout the items place in your cart. Then, you’ll be able, once the exchange is completed, to easily come back to the confirmation part of the checkout process and move forward.

So while Bitcoin won’t directly be a “payment option” per se, the exchange module will still interact with your cart in a way that makes it easier for everyone to get the right amount of PART using BTC.”

Particl’s aim to eliminate the barriers of entry and adoption on the platform are the main reason why BTC-PART was launched. This will increase the number of users making the Particl ecosystem as strong as ever.


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