Usechain Funds TaurusEX

Usechain Asia Foundation funded TaurusEX (, a one-stop digital financial assets trading platform. As a finance-based crypto exchange, TaurusEX will compete against other similar crypto derivative exchanges by offering creative derivatives products.

TaurusEX introduces “Brennan-Cao” formula from the frontier theory of high-order future pricing by Usechain CEO, former Berkeley Finance Professor Henry Cao, to develop the most innovative product – high-order futures contracts.

“Traditional futures contracts are linear as we all know, but the high-order futures contracts are what we put more factors into consideration to make a more complete market compare to linear contracts,” Professor Henry Cao explained.

Other Crypto derivative exchanges are mainly about crypto currencies like BTC/ETH, while TaurusEX is more than that. Besides crypto currencies, forex, commodity, futures, even options can be tokenized and traded on the platform. In addition, TaurusEX will provide not only futures but also spots as supplementary.

“This is a greater market and I see great ambition on TaurusEX,” said Professor Henry Cao.The difference between TaurusEX and most of the exchanges on working process is that it is a compromised model with combined decentralization with centralization. Briefly the matchmaking mechanism is a centralized system that supports high concurrency working off-chain, while clearing and settlement are decentralized working on the Usechain network (DPoS). The Mirror Identity Protocol on Usechain network will help TaurusEX to comply with KYC, AML and CFT regulations as well. In this case, the liquidity is improved and the safety is guaranteed.

Most exchanges charge huge fees to token sponsors to list on their exchange, this is one of the factors why exchanges are profitable. TaurusEX would like to create a new business model, that allows a direct listing without fees for those who meet the standard of premium project judging by deposit volume. The deposit volume requires no less than 1 USDT equivalent in value each from 1000 valid users. In this way, it will bring real trading volumes instead of fabricated volumes, and benefit the sustainable development of TaurusEX. Moreover, token listing recommended by community is in the plan.

“TaurusEX is absolute professional and I believe it will meet our expectation of helping potential projects get funded and benefit the whole industry, instead of earning high commissions and fees,” said professor Henry Cao.

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