Sblock launches in 30 countries alongside agreements with DUSD


During the WBF Singapore technology conference held this week, SBlock, digital asset management platform, announced its launch in over 30 countries worldwide.   Ivan Bolonikihn, President of SBlock delivered a keynote on next generation digital currency wallet and signed agreements with DUSD, which is working to launch a stablecoin for Asian investors and WBFex, A Singapore digital asset exchange.  Last month Sblock signed a strategic agreement with a Wall Street based organization who will manage the trading of assets.

Ivan Bolonikihn and his team are tackling with their new digital asset management platform, S BLOCK, in a groundbreaking move that’s poised to transform the industry. Unveiled in May at the second Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, the platform will be the world’s most extensive and most decentralized community system utilizing leading blockchain technology – as well as military-grade protection – to deliver the world’s most secure, transparent and stable digital asset wallet. With a core team from the world’s top universities, S BLOCK’s innovations will address many of the issues plaguing cryptocurrencies today.

Bolonikihn, stated “S BLOCK strives to be different, and we are succeeding in our efforts. We have a core team comprised of the best brains in the industry, which gives us an inherent advantage.”

S BLOCK is engineered to provide a more secure trading experience by leveraging leading end-to-end cyber security technology, most commonly used by the military-grade technology. By having all sign-ins and sensitive personal information stored locally, and with information only accessible by the user, digital assets have little risk of being compromised.

S Block digital Asset Wallet is set to hit markets in late 2019

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