Swazm Blockchain startup announces Swazm infrastructure

European Blockchain startup Swazm claims to have built an infrastructure capable of supporting millions of users at a very high network speed, guaranteeing a cheaper, higher performance decentralized storage solution for DApps (decentralized applications). With the latest technological updates, the SWAZM infrastructure is able to support up to 200.000 tx/s.

“Any technology is just as useful as it’s applications. Our focus is to offer real value to our users, to build products, not just a technology. Such a breakthrough product is Swazm’s IaaS solution—a distributed storage and computing power global marketplace that can be used to host the decentralized internet of the future,” explained Vali Malinoiu, Swazm’s Founder and CEO. he adds, “Our mission was to create an infrastructure that can sustain tens, if not hundreds of millions of users across the globe, with an unheard of data traffic in both quality and quantity, and a working system which can transcend geographical limitations.”

To scale up and into the mainstream, decentralized applications need to perform flawlessly, serving  hundreds of millions of users at the same time, while also keeping the highest standards of security, network speed, and version control. This puts pressure on the infrastructure, which can lead to unsustainable costs hikes, drops in performance, and eventually failure in scaling. The Swazm team has designed a turnkey architecture that helps companies deploy, manage and scale up their decentralized applications, without limitations.

With the SWAZM infrastructure, businesses and developers now have the flexibility to enhance their applications with new features, or to deploy fixes on the fly, while also managing the access to specific areas of the development ecosystem. The SWAZM infrastructure addresses this need by offering a robust versioning system with the possibility to add or revoke access certificates, enabling more versatility in connection to ephemeral contractors working on the DApp.

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