StrongBlock Brings Enterprise-Quality Blockchain with Alpha Waitlist

StrongBlock™a blockchain startup founded in July, 2018 by LLC technology executives David Moss, Thomas Cox, Brian Abramson and Corey Lederer, announced at the Blockchain Thought Leadership Conference in Lugano that it has opened its platform to Alpha waitlist sign-ups. This market-defining platform will make it easy for anyone to create their own custom-configured, enterprise-quality blockchain.

“The two biggest barriers to adoption of blockchain technology are hard-to-use tech and a lack of staff who can make blockchain work. We’ve eliminated both of those barriers,” said StrongBlock CEO David Moss. “We’re making scalable and secure blockchains universally available by making the technology ridiculously easy to use.”

When its Alpha version is released in early Q3 2019, the StrongBlock platform will offer a simple dashboard for starting, monitoring and managing governed blockchains through the full development life cycle.

To further ease blockchain adoption, StrongBlock is developing pre-built, customizable applications for general use, as well as specific implementations for industry verticals, including Luxury Goods, Supply Chain, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Automotive, and Art and Collectibles. StrongBlock is also adapting standards such as W3C, BiTA, data privacy sample code, and the dGoods and Simple Assets standards for digital assets.

While StrongBlock is blockchain agnostic, the platform will initially create backward-compatible EOSIO Open Source blockchains. “We chose EOSIO in part because blockchain governance is vital for scaling,” said StrongBlock Chief Governance Officer Thomas Cox. “EOSIO is currently the only Open Source blockchain software available that contains all the hooks needed to craft sophisticated governance structures and processes.”

The StrongBlock platform is launching with globally recognized blockchain partners, including: WAX, EOS Cafe Block, CryptoLions, Dunya Labs, EOS42, EOS Detroit, EOS Dublin, EOS Node One, EOS Rio, EOSphere, EOS Tribe, Grey Mass, privEOS, RocketBC, Scatter and WordProof.

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