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ThunderCore announces Blockchain gaming platform Mainnet at Consensys

During Consensus 2019 currently being held in NewYork, Silicon Valley-based public blockchain platform provider ThunderCore announced it has delivered on Founder & CEO Chris Wang’s vision of building the fastest growing blockchain gaming platform and launched its much anticipated Mainnet.

Additionally, ThunderCore is delivering platform-based developer services combined with integrated user acquisition capabilities to enable game developers to maximize user acquisition efforts. Chris Wang previously founded gaming company Playdom which acquired over 100 Million users and reported a Daily Average User (DAUs) count in excess of 20 Million users. Playdom was acquired by Disney for $563M.

ThunderCore’s CEO has been very bullish on the growth of blockchain and explains ThunderCore’s approach as follows, “To date, the overall adoption of blockchain based games has been very low.” He goes on to add, “Gaming DApps on all blockchains combined are currently at less than 12k DAUs. With our value-added capabilities, ThunderCore is on the path to exceeding 50k DAUs, all within 10 weeks from our Mainnet launch. Linking user acquisition with a high performance blockchain is catching the attention of Dapp developers, who are now eager to leverage a growing user pre-disposed to trying gaming applications.”

ThunderCore co-founder Dr. Elaine Shi, who also earned a PhD from Carnegie Mellon and is an expert in fast consensus models for blockchain. Elaine is an Associate Professor at Cornell University. Elaine is widely credited with authoring the first academic paper on the application of blockchain to cryptocurrency. According to Elaine, “Our sophistication comes from simplicity of our consensus model that allows us to deliver higher throughputs and enable new business models.”

Devised as a Proof of Stake (PoS) project, ThunderCore has announced full node open source capabilities as well as committee run nodes based on an open selection process that will deliver transparency while maintaining integrity and security of operations. Additional capabilities being announced by ThunderCore are a Staking Pool Service, which allows token holder to earn rewards, and support for cross-chain assets.  While ThunderCore’s capabilities lend themselves well to gaming, they are also key to enhancing the usability of applications in other verticals such as financial payments, supply chain and security. Several examples of these types of DApps are available.             



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