MultiVAC publishes report on all dimensional sharding for blockchain

The public chain dedicated in sharding technology, known as MultiVAC Foundation, published a technical documentation “MultiVAC Programming Purple Paper: Flexible Sharding Supporting Turing-Complete Smart Contracts”, claiming that they have achieved another major breakthrough on all-dimensional sharding which upgrades the blockchain world computer from single core to multi-core, bringing the infinite scalability to reality.

Sharding is one of the most promising approaches to solving the blockchain scalability problem. In short, it separates the blockchain in multiple different segments and constructs a decentralized parallel system, which alleviates the strain of a growing network. However, sharding has not been fully verified in the reality.

Last September, MultiVAC published the technical yellow paper that brought out the world’s first all-dimensional sharding blockchain architecture, achieving full sharding in all three dimensions of computing, storage, and transmission, breaking through the threshold of ledger and realizing infinite scalability and linear growth.

In the purple paper published, MultiVAC provides effective support for Turing-complete smart contracts on a highly efficient sharded architecture with high accessibility, and a brand new blockchain programming paradigm supporting parallel processing. The same as the yellow paper, this is not a simple wish or an idea, but an achievable engineering document that includes a complete architecture design and feasibility demonstration.

Interestingly, the MultiVAC team did not name the document a smart contract purple paper, instead it named it “programming purple paper.” CTO Dr. Ying Xiang also pointed out directly in the purple paper:

“Blockchain technology driven by sharding will soon redefine the traditional Von Neumann computer architecture. Blockchains are the next generation of decentralized world computers,  a shared computing resource which unlike supercomputers do not belong to any individual. For this reason, blockchain’s realization depends on innovating new architectures to break through throughput constraints, fashioning new transmission strategies to streamline data flow, and pioneering new types of decentralization to ensure equality.”

“As a next-generation blockchain platform, MultiVAC designs parallel all-dimensional sharding architecture, in effect upgrading the world computer from a single-core to a multi-core system. Our sharding module allows blockchains to scale process power with size, making it an ideal platform for smart contract developers targeting widespread adoption. MultiVAC’s low miner threshold ensures that ordinary users can freely join the network so that control of the system is always in the hands of the ordinary user, and our Turing-complete LLVM development platform gives developers the flexibility and freedom to realize all types of complicated business logic.”

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