UAE Blockchain firm HyperChain signs Number of Agreements with Blockchain providers

HyperChain a Blockchain Technology Services firm based in Dubai, UAE, has established itself to serve the Blockchain ecosystem in the MENA region.  Hyperchain hopes to build its presence through a series of partnerships with various blockchain solution providers, ICO startups as well as through bridging its extensive blockchain network in Australia to the MENA region.

One of the first MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) agreements Hyperchain signed was with Multiversum, which has created a relational Crypto Database which can handle not just a single data type but a series of data grouped in graphs. The agreement is intended to upgrade IT solution based systems onto the Blockchain.

Hyperchain has also signed a LOU (Letter of Understanding) with Shyft, a global blockchain based network that facilitate secure sharing of attested and compliant data. As part of the agreemet Hyperchain will become an active ecosystem participant for the Shyft Network, acting as a referral partner.

“I am thrilled to form a partnership with Shyft Network for a potential new business relationship between the partners in the Middle East Region”, said Nassar Al Achkar, CEO of Hyperchain. “This marks another step in Dubai’s enthusiastic mission to become the global technology leader in the smart economy and more specifically the world Blockchain capital by 2020.”

This partnership will expand Shyft’s well-developed ecosystem of partners in its open and unified framework that allows for the standardization of regulatory compliance and due diligence mandates for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

In addition Hyperchain has also signed a strategic cooperation with MIOT, a cloud medical chain startup to promote the growth and upgrade of relevant scene applications.  Hyperchain is also the official promotion partner for MIOT in the MENA region. It is noteworthy that MIOT holds a 10% share, valued at $3 million in Hyperchain

Nassar Alachkar, founder and CEO of HyperChain, said “I am thrilled to form a partnership with MIOT for a potential new Business Relationship between the parties in the Middle East region. This affiliation marks another step in Dubai’s enthusiastic mission to become a world leader in both Blockchain and Internet of Things applications in healthcare by 2020.

Professor Simon Choi, CEO of MIoT stressed that HyperChain has a strong team in terms of blockchain technical knowledge, business development and marketing strategy and we are hoping that this partnership will introduce MIOT blockchain cloud technology to the Middle East and Africa region starting from Dubai.

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