Betting On The Blockchain – Creating The Global Standard For The Future Of Betting

BX, a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem, officially announced an Initial Token Sale (ITO), to raise funds for its betting and market prediction ecosystem, designed to change the way the world bets.  With the vision to create a new betting experience, BX allows any user to take over the role of the bookmaker, create their own markets, place and offer bets with self-determined odds, and even participate in the outcome determination of a market.

“Our decentralized, blockchain based approach will eliminate non-distributed processes and allow players to benefit from full transparency and total control over their betting experience.” explains Christian Heins, Co-Founder, Management and Execution Expert at BX.

Traditional online bookmakers face many problems, including lack of trust, lack of transparency, strict regulations, and high operational costs, resulting in high margin odds in favor of the bookmaker, stemming from their centralized structures.  These problems can be frustrating to users, making it impossible to ascertain whether the odds are fair or set too far in the bookmaker’s favour. Additionally, they even can get limited, restricted or banned – if they are too successful.

BX aims to neutralise these problems and weaknesses in the current betting industry by introducing the BX ecosystem, which allows the players to benefit from full transparency and total freedom in their betting experience. BX is a powerful and distributed betting and prediction market ecosystem that runs on self-executing smart contracts.

All BX betting transactions, as well as payouts, will run safely, autonomously and transparently on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. BX cuts out the middleman and give its users full control over their funds and betting transactions.

Joschka Kupich, Co-Founder and Product Development Expert at BX says, “We are developing a decentralized betting exchange that will create a whole new user experience. In the BX ecosystem, everyone can create a new betting market and become a Market Owner. The odds solely depend on the supply and demand of the users which will result in higher and fairer odds than any traditional betting operator can offer.”

The BX project kicked off in 2017 and has already begun the development of its product. The BX pre-ITO aims to launch on the 3rd September until the 17th September, with the main ITO following soon after. Significant bonuses will be available to those who contribute early in the pre and main ITO.

The company is committed to excellence and has ensured that this new ecosystem will be simple and accessible for all users.


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