1st Profit-Sharing Blockchain E-Commerce Marketplace Launches

First Transparent and Tokenized Marketplace Aims to be The New Standard in E-Commerce

CleverPlace, the world’s first e-commerce profit-sharing and open-source marketplace on the blockchain, introduces today a new way to offer buyers cashback by giving them a substantial percentage of the commercial margin back on their purchases against  CleverTokens (CLVR).

CleverPlace will pilot this transparent and secure marketplace ecosystem in the French real-estate space, due to the team’s deep experience in the market and the returns that can be achieved. The real-estate market is just the starting point, as the platform will be available in open-source to allow any entrepreneur to develop it in other high-margin verticals, including automotive and other industries, globally. A basic viable version of the CleverPlace marketplace will be available August 2018. CleverPlace will also open its initial token pre-sale from August 14 through September 10, 2018, and a broader market sale from September 18 through October 15 of 2018, with a total 210 million tokens being made available.

How it Works

When purchasing a new apartment worth €300,000 on CleverPlace, the buyer would receive cashback of €21,000 against CleverTokens. One-hundred percent of the tokens received would then be distributed to the community members through a smart contract. Home buyers can be counted on to spend money beyond just the home price and transaction costs, making CleverPlace’s cashback offering a great way to incentivize additional purchases.

The CleverToken = CLVR

CLVR tokens prime an ecosystem of aligned services around a new home purchase, such as a local laundromat, coffee shop, dog walker, handyman, furniture store, home insurance provider, etc. The CLVR token-primed marketplace will offer users the ability to govern and earn incentives (for marketplace participants who actively ensure the quality of these product and service providers).

The CLVR token will be designed to universally share e-commerce profits with all participants within the marketplace.

CLVR tokens can also be kept, for future use in the community marketplace.

“For the first time, any marketplace in any vertical will be able to transparently display the buy and sell commercial-margin prices of each product,” said Irwin Favere, CleverPlace co-founder and project manager. “When everyone knows the margin on the products and services they purchase, and the margin can be quite significant depending on the product and sector, we believe it will explode what could be a $70 billion per year market opportunity.”

Growth of the platform will be tied to the CLVR token and blockchain infrastructure. The CleverPlace platform will also use blockchain-based governance best practices to create autonomy for its users. Users will be able to vote on platform expansion and modification, access reputation functions, and manage disputes through the platform, ensuring that the CleverPlace marketplace offers an easy, vibrant and protective ecosystem of vertical-relevant services.

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