OPEN Platform Uses Cryptocurrencies as a Payment Solution Between App Developers and End Users

OPEN aims to become the very first cryptocurrency wallet for applications, making it much easier for developers to integrate blockchain technology into their applications

To be able to utilize different cryptocurrencies a developer will have to learn the language of each blockchain. This is by no means an option that excites any developer as they would prefer to be able to code in whatever language they are comfortable with irrespective of the blockchain. This is where OPEN comes in to save the day! OPEN aims to make all applications accept cryptocurrencies as easily as they accept fiat.

How Will OPEN Change The Game?

OPEN aims to become the very first cryptocurrency wallet for applications. OPEN enables all applications to be able to integrate blockchain technology, use their desired payment scheme, accept all cryptocurrencies, and track payment states on the blockchain. It becomes much easier for developers to integrate blockchain technology into their applications. OPEN also enables applications to protect algorithms, IP, sensitive data, as well as operate cheaper and faster. This means that everyone gets to win, including the developer, blockchain application, end users, the blockchain network, and everyone in the crypto community.


A scaffold is a smart contract that is generated by the developer. It enables all developers to easily plug and play their payment scheme. It also supports acceptance of payments from end users in any of the cryptocurrencies into their application. Using Candy Crush as a good example, Candy Crush could use a Scaffold that has all of its in-app purchase data, this also includes the various packages of lives, gems, and price data.

Features and Benefits of OPEN Platform

Here are some of the features and benefits of the open blockchain technology;

  • All cryptos allowed: OPENaccepts the use of all cryptocurrencies with no exception on any of the smart contract blockchain with the use of any of the applications payment schemes
  • Anyone can use it: OPEN is user friendly as it does not require a lot of technical knowledge for use
  • Developer freedom: application developers now have the freedom to build materials to ensure various new ways of cryptocurrency acceptance without much complications
  • New and existing applications: another impressive benefit of the OPEN technology is that it is accessible to both new and existing applications
  • No new infrastructure needed: on the OPEN platform, there is no need for developers to build new infrastructures of their own in order to connect with an off-chain stack

With its innovations and ability to ensure that developers can code in whatever language they feel comfortable with, there is no doubt that OPEN platform is the future.

The Future is OPEN

Due to its quality of delivery, OPEN has a number of admirers who they have successfully partnered with in different sectors. The ultimate goal is to make OPEN available for different applications and enhance seamless utilization of the blockchain technology in any sector.

Some of the sectors OPEN platform will successfully enhance include the following:

Enterprise: OPEN platform can be integrated into comprehensive AWS like applications which can then improve web infrastructure management

Gaming: there are dapp developers who hope to use OPEN to deploy applications to the ETH blockchain

Fintech: already there are payments and invoicing application developers who hope to use the OPEN feature which supports the acceptance of cryptocurrency on-chain so that their users can pay in cryptocurrencies.

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