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Tokenized VC Fund SPiCE and Polymath Launch Industry Initiative To Advance Tokenized Securities Market

Polymath, the first-ever securities token launch pad, and SPiCE VC, a liquid security tokenized VC fund are launching an industry initiative. Together, the companies will work on implementing governance mechanisms for security tokens, work with regulators on improved frameworks for security tokens in major jurisdictions, improve on protocols and standards for securities tokens, and work with exchanges to support their regulatory needs. The collaboration between Polymath and SPiCE VC is a significant step in the construction of an industry consortium designed to progress the high potential of the tokenized securities market.

Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SPiCE VC, said “SPiCE VC is one of the first security tokens to be issued in the market, disrupting the traditional VC model by making it liquid on the blockchain. We believe that this will be the predominant way for people to digitize all their assets in the future, and we will make significant investments in companies supporting and developing this space. However, a lot of the infrastructure is missing so we are very happy to join hands with a company like Polymath and with others who share our vision about the future of this industry in building the ecosystem that will drive the industry forward.”

Both Polymath and SPiCE VC believe that regulation-compliant security tokens are the future of the token world, with a potential that is orders of magnitude larger than the previous wave of utility tokens.

Domingo added, “Unlike utility tokens, which are suitable for relatively few use cases, security tokens can eventually be relevant for almost any company, fund, or asset.”

Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath said, “The main restriction of utility tokens, which are typically borne from an Ethereum powered Initial Coin Offering, is they are not applicable for all companies because they do not offer dividends or other similar economic rights of ownership. Security tokens, on the other hand, can offer ownership in all types and forms of assets with an existing regulatory framework in place. The potential market of assets subject to being tokenized as securities dwarves today’s cryptocurrency market. Polymath and SPiCE VC aim to bridge this gap. Polymath’s pipeline of issuers interested in launching a tokenized product will benefit greatly from SPiCE’s resources, evidenced by their success in navigating their own security token offering. We are excited to partner with a like-minded pioneer and work together to help scale this early-stage market, which is currently a small fraction of the size of the much-larger utility and app token markets.

The partnership between Polymath and SPiCE VC aims to see collaboration with exchanges on establishing a healthy secondary market for security tokens, as well as two way dialogue with local regulatory bodies to support issuing frameworks and guidelines and organizing industry conferences to bring the ecosystem together.


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