Vinchain is going to UNLOCK Blockchain Forum

Since the beginning of the blockchain technology, many traditional business models are finding ways to incorporate it into their businesses. Although there is still resistance by the government and powerful institutions on the future of blockchain, it is clear that this technology is slowly taking over the world. In the beginning, Western and Eastern Europe were the first to benefit from blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. However, the tides are shifting to the rest of the World.

It is from this change that the UNLOCK Blockchain Forum was established in the United Arab Emirates. It offers an opportunity for startups from all over the world to showcase their solutions on a free platform. What’s more, you get to interact with people with different blockchain related ideas and exchange insights. This forum is the best place for us to diversify our target niche.

As such, we are extremely happy to announce that we will be participating in the first MENA-Asia UNLOCK Blockchain Forum on January 14-15, 2018 at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai DIFC. It’s a huge forum organised by Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Co. On this forum, various big wig international speakers will grace the stages from different sectors to discuss blockchain implementation. Apart from discussing the challenges start-ups face today, we will also talk about regulatory and legal concerns which have been raised in the past about this wonder technology.

At the forum we will also discuss how governments and private institutions in the MENA region can use blockchain applications to create a more efficient, competitive, smart government, smart economy and reinvent businesses on multiple levels. It is evident that many governments are affected by issues emerging from centralised data storage systems. For example, decentralized databases will reduce the rate of corruption and fraud hence saving a lot of billions. We will be there spreading the information about our project and gaining new experience from other people.

We can’t forget to mention the biggest problem that start-ups face which is funding. Fortunately, there is a much better and safer way to get funding for your project. Like Vinchain, you can organise an Initial Crowd Funding also known as ICO, which gives you access to more people and more funds. For them to be part of the ICO, they must buy a token which is equivalent to a certain amount of shares.

Vinchain is privileged to take part in this event and learn more about the implications of blockchain technology and how we can use them to our advantage. We want our project to be one of the best implemented blockchain technologies in the world. Our project has the potential of transforming the automotive industry completely from where it is now. But to do this, we understand that we must equip ourselves with the best knowledge by learning from each other.

You can also take part on this forum by streaming live and learning with us. We will keep you informed on the details on how to do this on our social media platforms as we keep the conversation going.



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