A2b Direct Freight Forwarding platform implements Blockchain technology

A2B well known as freight Uber is enabling peer to peer management of supply chains. Launched in 2016 A2B offers direct communication between freight forwarders and cargo owners. A2B ensures  peer-to-peer interaction between cargo owners and freight forwards during all phases of freight forwarding.

The customer may find the contractor that fits their purposes the best, ensures round-the-clock communication with the driver, and, most importantly, works with the entire cycle of document flow, insurance, and legal issues. The service’s clients may track their cargo online and forget about forwarding expenses. Both parties involved in the process, i.e. owners and forwarders, are able to find the best deals in a blink of an eye and plan their workload in advance.


Today A2B is improving the whole process by implementing Blockchain solutions to the platform.  The technology can automatically record all movements of lorries subscribed to the system, completely eliminates the need for intermediary services, and makes all paperwork and document flow fairly simple. On top of that blockchain ensures security and transparency that no centralized solution can offer.

A2B Direct has ambitious plans of expanding its presence to the Western Europe and America.

Powered by blockchain technology, it might actually disrupt the stagnating and overwhelmed market of international transportation and logistics by bringing innovations to every level of business processes of the industry.

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