India uses Blockchain for Land Registry, cyber crime and more

India is on blockchain roll both for land registry, civil supply databases and cyber crime

The Economic Times of India recently published a report showcasing how the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are using Blockchain technology for their land registry programs. Telengana has already begun a land registry pilot in parts of the state’s capital Hyderbad. The Blockchain will integrate with the state’s revenue department in cooperation with the Center for Development of Advance Computing C-DAC.

According to E Magesh, C-DAC director “The record of the blockchain will be made available on an open platform “where anyone can see who holds the land enhancing the transparency of records while maintaining the integrity of the information.”  A complete rollout of the program across Hyderabad and adjoining semi-urban areas is likely to occur in the next 6-12 months.

In Andhra Pradesh, the government is looking at expanding its blockchain program beyond land records to civil supply databases. The government already explored blockchain technology to fight cyber crime back in 2016. JA Chowdary, the state’s IT advisor to the chief minister, stated, “All our sensitive data is in digital format. With blockchain, even if someone hacks, our data will be safe.


 “Within 6-8 months, land records for Andhra Pradesh can go on blockchain to prevent any kind of duplication or forgery with the revenue department’s data on pensions etc., can also be moved to blockchain by next year,” stated Sandeep Singh, co-founder of blockchain startup Snapper which is working with the AP government to aid in its digitization program.

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