Robocom VR’s Art of Mob Garners Global Interest Ahead of NFT Mint

10,000 NFTs will be released in June in what has been dubbed the "Mobmint" on Magic Eden.

Robocom VR, the Middle East’s largest virtual reality gaming company, is set to release 10,000 NFTs on June 21st under its newly-established lifestyle brand, Art of Mob. Since its Twitter launch last month, Art of Mob has amassed more than 200,000 followers in just one month.

Robocom plans to extend its brand through collaborations with entities in art, fashion, interactive film, gaming, and app development, starting with building the first video and media NFT Marketplace. This will enable a uniquely comprehensive offering that is spearheaded by Art of Mob vision and aspiration to empower its content creators’ and NFT holders through individualization and self-expression.

Karim Ibrahim, Co-Founder and CEO of Robocom, said, “Art of Mob uses Web3 to re-imagine art in a form of the ‘modern-day gangster’. Our vision is to create opportunities to be a modern-day gangster by giving our fans the platform and marketplace to develop their own contemporary art that exudes sophistication and emphasizes individualization to empower their own character and persona. Like this progressive country, the UAE, it’s about re-writing the rules to reach new heights while embodying aspirational characteristics.”

He added, “At the same time, Art of Mob is more than NFTs, it has dynamic capabilities with its cross-platform functionality in the metaverse that extends beyond art and into film, cryptocurrency, and even reality. The current impact of digital is undeniable, and the new generation isn’t just looking to invest, they’re looking for something to believe in. People are tired of being criticized for self-expression and who they are. I believe that for this reason, Art of Mob’s vision to double as a lifestyle and philosophy, along with its messaging, has resonated with the masses to rapidly grow its worldwide appeal. Similarly, this mass appeal is also what helped accelerate our ability to partner with an esteemed marketplace such as Magic Eden”.

Toufic Assaf, Co-Founder and Chairman of Robocom, added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Magic Eden as their track record since launching 2019 speaks for itself. Its daily transaction volume of USD $16 million with only Solana, so far, is a significant feat. Magic Eden’s proven capability with NFTs will help us realize our ambition to make Art of Mob the most hyped project on Solana”. 

Art of Mob has already taken the world by storm with many community members joining the Mob Challenge, where they are expressing themselves by unleashing their inner rebellion and channeling this inner fire into art. Community members created songs, fan art, and short movies and raided streets by putting up posters or graffiti all with the aim of being part of the Mob Movement that has spread to over 100 cities worldwide.

Basel Ibrahim, Founder of Art of Mob, added, “The current NFT ecosystem is heavily revolving around Jpeg type of NFTs. As the space is maturing, the next natural evolution will be the adoption of moving JPEGS. In Art of Mob, we are building a video and media NFT marketplace, to develop the infrastructure needed for this expected evolution. This will facilitate the creation, trading and streaming of video NFTs. This revolutionary utility will be built around $POP token. The emission of $POP will be through a well calculated tokenomics, ensuring the sustainability and the growth of the Marketplace. Also, this utility will onboard many newcomers to the crypto ecosystem, especially the artists and the content creators”.

NFTs will officially be minted at 20:00 PM on June 21st.

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