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UAE came in at number two globally for google search to buy NFTs

Lebanon took number one position globally in the google searches for crypto mining

So as 2021 winds down to an end, and as the world looks with excitement and hope towards 2022, UNLOCK took a look at what peaked the Arab World’s interest in the Blockchain sphere with a look at Google trends. UAE Topped the list for google searches on buying NFTs, while Lebanon took number one position for searches on crypto mining. The Metaverse google search grew exponentially from October 2021 and onwards.

We started off with what has seemed to be the most searched word this year, the NFT ( Non Fungible Token) which took the Blockchain Web3 ecosystem by storm in 2021.


First as per Google trend data, the search for the word NFT increased tremendously during the month of November 2021. Of the top 100 countries globally that searched for the term NFT, was no other than the UAE, which stood at number 11. This could be the result of the number of NFTs launched within UAE as well as the UAE stamp that came out for the 50th anniversary. Far behind came Saudi Arabia at with 49th place and Egypt at 47th.  Same result could be noticed for the search of the full word, Non Fungible token.

When looking up the search results for “Buy NFTs”, UAE came in a whopping second place among top 31 countries listed. This reveals the understanding and extreme enthusiasm in the UAE for NFTs and their purchase.


As for the word Blockchain, there were fewer searches towards the end of 2021. As expected within the Arab World the UAE took the lead and came in at 15th position among the top 75 countries globally, and KSA came in at 65. No other Arab country was listed in top 75.


As 2021 winded down, so did the global searches for the word “ crypto”, yet the UAE took number 12th place out of top 63 countries globally. It was interestingly followed by Lebanon which took 17th place, then KSA at 45th place.

When UNLOCK looked at the word “ cryptocurrencies” Lebanon led and came in at number 4th on the list of top 75 countries. In both instances this was not a surprise given that more Lebanese are interested in crypto after the fall of the Lebanese lira, the economic crisis, and the loss of their savings.

Bahrain followed with 6th ranking, Jordan 9th and UAE 10th; Oman came in at 21, Qatar 28 and Saudi Arabia at 50th. It is impressive to see so many Arab countries among the top 75 globally interested in cryptocurrencies, and this shows a trend towards a better understanding and possible utilization or investment into crypto.


Interest for Bitcoin also winded down, with UAE topping the ranks of the 68 countries with most searches on Bitcoin. UAE held 21 position followed by Saudi Arabia at 62 and Egypt at 68.


Biggest Arab countries searching for the word Ethereum was Lebanon which ranked 19 out of top 61 countries, the UAE followed at 21 and KSA at 55. When UNLOCK looked up the trends for “ Ethereum Price” once again UAE came in 15th place followed by Lebanon at 16h, Qatar at 21, KSA at 42. Bitcoin Price search was similar as well.

It would seem that to be interested in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, you most probably own some.


Unlike all the other search words in the blockchain realm, DeFi remained steady throughout the year. Among the Arab countries topping the global list of searches was the UAE, (19th place) and KSA at 67th. This is out of a total of 68 countries that topped the global list.


Well as most can imagine, before October 2021 there were almost no searches on Google for the word “metaverse” and then suddenly it leaped. Among the top 64 countries globally was UAE which came in and ranked at number 9, followed interestingly by Lebanon which ranked at number 10, then Morocco 13th place Qatar 18th Egypt 35th KSA 52nd

Crypto Regulation

Surprisingly UAE topped the world search for the term “crypto regulation” it came in at number 2 from a list of just 14 countries globally. It was the only Arab country on the list.

Crypto Mining

In terms of the search word “crypto mining” The Arab country Lebanon tops the global scene and takes number one position among 72 countries globally. This is indicative of the increased number of Lebanese who are launching crypto mining activities in the country.

UAE took number 7 position, while Qatar was 21st Oman 52nd and KSA 57th.

When UNLOCK searched at the term “Bitcoin mining” Nigeria topped the global list at number 1 position, while Lebanon came in at 3rd place. The same could be found for Ethereum mining.


The Arab world and countries such as UAE, Lebanon, and KSA have witnessed the most interest in terms such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, and the Metaverse. UNLOCK will continue to monitor these trends throughout 2022 as they are strong indicators of what interests readers and populations in the region.

Lara Abdul Malak

Lara has been a journalist and writer in the technology field since her graduation from AUB majoring in political science. She has had career in corporation communications in the telecom sector and was part of the launch of first 3G network in the GCC and MENA region. Since her return to journalism she has been focused with passion on blockchain, tokenization, crypto focusing on the GCC and MENA region. Lara worked with Unlock Blockchain until 2022.

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