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KuCoin Reaches 10 Million Registered Users Around the World

KuCoin, now one of the top 5 in terms of trading volume.

KuCoin, which was established in 2017, has recently announced that the number of registered users has reached 10 million. KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges around the world, being in the top 5 in terms of trading volume.

This is a very important thing for KuCoin. Hitting such a huge mark means that now KuCoin is a proud member of the leading crypto exchanges around the world. The recent numbers indicate that the crypto exchange has managed to have as much as a 9-time increase in terms of newly registered users compared to the previous year, which is a huge increase.

As for the year-over-year growth, the crypto exchange posted a massive, 23-times increase. This shows exactly how much crypto trading popularity has increased around the world. Such a great performance over the past year has managed to boost the value of KuCoin’s native coin, KuCoin Token – KCS.

The native token of the crypto exchange has managed to reach an ATH since 2018, and the increase has been over 3,000% compared to the beginning of this year. The market cap of the cryptocurrency has managed to reach as much as $200 million, ranking at number 75 on CoinMarketCap.

KuCoin Supports Innovative Ideas

KuCoin is truly innovative and one of the largest crypto exchanges in the market today. Also known as the home of altcoins, this crypto exchange offers traders access to over 450 crypto gems and over 1,000 trading pairs. This includes everything from QI, BOSOn, BLOK, XCAD, and RMRK among many others.

The company has also noted that they are working very hard to adopt the metaverse-friendly business model, which is a very important step towards the future development of the company. The representatives have also said that they are dedicating a lot of resources towards supporting different types of innovative and futuristic metaverse projects.

The company has shown its increased interest in the metaverse industry previously as well. For example, KuCoin showed a massive interest as it introduced the first Metaverse Token Trading Board. It has also opened a special virtual office, after a collaboration with Bloktopia. A few weeks ago, KuCoin’s own KuCoin Labs announced that it would be working to launch a $100 million Metaverse Fund.

The main idea behind the fund is to support the future development of the industry and empower projects that are still in the early stages. In celebration of the recent achievement of the crypto exchange, the CEO of the company, Johnny Lyu announced that the crypto exchange would be launching the latest version of the referral program on December 9.

According to him, this special program will support new clients with millions of dollars that will be used for different types of rewards and contributions. In addition, the company representatives have also noted that those who have recently made different types of significant contributions to KyCoin will issue a special limited edition of 1000 gold cards. Each of the holders of the golden card will be provided the opportunity to enjoy different types of extra benefits.

One of the Largest Crypto Exchanges

KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges available in the market today. It offers services in over 197 countries, making it truly a global crypto exchange. The company has become increasingly popular over the past few years and has a very good reputation among crypto enthusiasts globally.

One of the biggest advantages of the KuCoin crypto trading platform is that it is very friendly when it comes to automated bot integration. While this crypto exchange does not offer its own crypto trading robots, it allows users to connect their trading accounts with third-party crypto trading robots and trade cryptocurrencies in a more efficient and easy manner.

By using automated trading KuCoin offerings, individuals are able to analyze the market in a much shorter time, which leaves them with more free time to go on with their day.

Automated trading is a very popular activity in the market. As a result of the automated crypto trading robots, it is much easier for individual traders to trade cryptocurrencies and make profits from the market.

You can also use automated trading robots for automating actual trading activities, which is a great way of making profits in the crypto trading market.

The recent achievement of KuCoin once again shows how popular the crypto exchange truly is. Although it has been around for just a few years, it has already managed to become one of the leading crypto exchanges in the industry.

One of the main reasons why KuCoin managed to become so popular among retail traders is that it is working very hard to offer traders different types of high-quality services. KuCoin also stays very active when it comes to innovation and supports the future development of the crypto industry.

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